March 21 – April 19




COLOUR: Deep red

BODY PARTS: Muscles, head, blood


Your fierce independence marches to the beat of your own drum as you are renown for your assertiveness, motivation and fearlessness. Possessing abundant energy, your mind can sometimes run into overdrive and you are at risk of pushing yourself to physical extremes. Your greatest weakness is that you are sometimes too self-involved and unaware of the feelings of others. The symbol for Aries is the combative ram, as you charge into situations until you smash down any obstacles.


Your fire element ensures personality traits such as enthusiasm, spontaneity and bravery. Always on a journey of self-discovery, you have a burning desire to explore new interests and ambitions.


Your ruling planet is Mars, named after the Roman God of War, making you unafraid of conflict. You challenge others, as well as the status quo. This warrior-like nature makes you courageous, but you can also be ruthless with a take no prisoners attitude. At times you will need to demonstrate a little self-control and discipline, so choose your battles carefully.


Career and Money:

In your career you are an asset, tending to pioneer new ideas and concepts. You are a natural leader and feel more comfortable giving directions rather than following them. Your magnetic personality often encourages others to follow you, impressed by your high-octane energy and determination. Possessing a low tolerance for boredom can make it hard for you to complete what you started. You strive for success but if it is not immediate you tend to lose interest and move on to something else. This means you may change career paths often, but your adaptability guarantees a smooth transition.


Your high degree of confidence attracts monetary rewards for your efforts and as a consequence, you are well remunerated for your work. However, when starting a new job your impatience may cause you to expect a boss’ salary on an apprentice’s experience.



In relationships you are passionate, wild and headstrong. The faint of heart may struggle to keep up with you. In the bedroom you are adventurous and brutally honest about your sexual needs. You demand equality and will not tolerate being talked down to. Lovers admire your straightforwardness and passion. However, you can be self-absorbed, vain and even volatile. You are unlikely to ever admit when you are wrong. But somehow, you can always charm your way back into your lover’s heart with your clever and satirical sense of humor and sexual confidence.



You are most compatible with your fire sign tribe. Leos, Sagittarians and fellow Rams vibe with the same intensity of passion and sexual energy as you do.  Geminis intrigue you with their vivacious flirtation. But give Cancers and Capricorns a miss. They will attempt to dull your shine and that just won’t rock your world.


Family and Friendship:

You take family obligations seriously and are dependable in any situation, especially emergencies. You are loyal, helpful and encouraging towards family members, but can also be impatient with them. Capable of making your own decisions, you carve your own path.


Your outgoing nature takes the initiative in meeting new people. Although protective and generous with your friends, you can at times, be a little competitive and short tempered.



Rams are the most accident-prone sign of the zodiac and as such, are advised to slow down and pay attention when moving at their usual lightning speed. You handle intense physical exercise better than most. In fact, expending your excessive energy with a strenuous activity is an ideal way for you to manage stress, which can build up without a proper outlet.


Your sign rules the muscles, so you can be prone to inflammation or injury. Having an ice pack permanently stored in the freezer is a necessity for active Rams.

By Natasha Weber @astrotash




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