There is no better boat than a horoscope to help a man cross over the sea of life.

- Varaha Mihira

Originally written by Natasha for Marie Claire magazine


Aries and Aries Rising

21 March – 19 April



In 2024, it’s time to turn those resolutions into actions. After a year of soul-searching, you’re stepping into a more self-assured version of yourself. There’s a palpable sense of urgency, but haste is not your ally. As the pages of the calendar flip to April, a pivotal moment awaits with a solar eclipse in your sign. It’s the juncture where your path becomes clearer and your purpose more defined. Come October, the lunar wisdom advises finding the sweet spot between doing and simply being. The year may have started with questions, but it’s ending with you boldly crafting your destiny. So, act with intention, as the cosmos directs you towards your rightful path.




Venus graces your sign as April kicks off, boosting love and romance. Single Rams, it’s your time to shoot your shot! Tread cautiously by the time July rolls around; that’s when Neptune hits its cosmic brakes and reverses through your chart. Be wary of mistaking romance for reality amidst the dreamy fog. While letting your head drift into the clouds is lovely, remember to keep your feet firmly grounded. December sees Mars in retrograde, encouraging couples to confront a sexual matter. If things are sailing smoothly in that department, consider spicing up things in the bedroom by sharing your deepest desires – maybe even a secret fetish or two. Aries, it’s a year of passion and connection; just ensure you navigate the waves of love with your eyes wide open.




Money is on your mind in March. Thanks to Jupiter and Neptune teaming up, you’ll have a fantastic idea on how to boost your income. But be careful; this idea might seem outlandish, and your inner critic could chime in with doubts. Neptune’s promises sometimes fall short, so do your homework before making big financial moves. Fast forward to December, when the Black Moon crosses your path with someone who’s a game-changer for your career. You might have met this person before, under different circumstances. Keep your eyes peeled and polish up your professional game plan.


THE STARS SHINE ON: Your self-confidence.


SELF-LOVE TIP: Slow down and savour life’s beauty.


YOUR 2024 MANTRA: I advance at my own rhythm.



Taurus and Taurus Rising

20 April – 20 May



In April, Jupiter and Uranus’ angle ends a difficult chapter, leaving you shouting, “Thank goodness that’s behind me!” Take a deep breath, celebrate, and do a happy dance, Taurus. This planetary pairing in your sign involves a radical transformation in how you perceive yourself – it’s also the perfect time for an image makeover. But remember, true beauty is an inside job, and in 2024, you fully embrace that concept. November’s full Moon is a test of endurance. Trust in your resilience; you’ve got what it takes to overcome any challenge that comes your way. This year is about shedding old baggage, embracing your inner beauty, and proving your personal power when the going gets tough.




With a celestial push from Venus and Saturn, a beautiful friendship could blossom into love in March. But you’ll need to be all in because there’s no turning back once you cross that line. For couples, April’s full Moon brings pure bliss with a sprinkle of sizzle. A romantic getaway sees you and your sweetheart barely leaving the bedroom! Relish in the pleasures of the flesh, but don’t forget the true gift lies in each other and the connection you share. Come August, Mercury’s retrograde in your love zone stirs a misunderstanding or difference of opinion with your partner. Avoid dishing out ultimatums, and your relationship will survive and flourish. If you’re flying solo, navigate those dating apps with a discerning eye; not everyone you encounter is who they seem.




In January, Pluto connects you with a professional VIP; your mission is to leave a lasting impression. June brings financial promise, courtesy of Jupiter’s rare shift into your money zone, but try not to splash your cash. Windfalls or income boosts call for careful management. The second half of 2024 offers a golden chance to grow your money tree; focus on shrewd budgeting, and extra funds will find their way to you. On the flip side, Neptune may make your cash disappear as quickly as it appears, especially in July and August. Be astute with your finances so your hard-earned money doesn’t slip through your fingers.


THE STARS SHINE ON: Your moneyscape.


SELF-LOVE TIP: Walk away from people and situations that no longer serve you.


YOUR 2024 MANTRA: I am beautiful, inside and out.


Gemini and Gemini Rising

21 May – 20 June



Get ready for a cosmic life upgrade as Jupiter, the planet of luck and growth, graces your sign in a rare planetary stopover that only happens once every 12 years. From June onward, it’s like you have a guardian angel guiding your choices and direction. Still, Jupiter’s influence can lead to extremes, so keep an eye on where and how you invest your energy. On the bright side, you’ll have abundant physical stamina in the year’s second half, propelling you towards game-changing personal and professional achievements in 2024. With Jupiter by your side, this is your year to thrive and shape your unique success story.




May’s full Moon asks couples some tough questions: is your relationship really hitting your sweet spot? Jupiter throws a little turbulence into your love story, with you demanding more from your connection and your partner. Some pairs discover a deeper commitment to each other and even plan an exciting overseas adventure together. While others are tempted to seek greener love pastures. Keep in mind that Jupiter’s got your long-term happiness at heart, steering you toward a love that truly rocks your world. A Venus cazimi in June marks a magical moment for romance. Single? October’s eclipse sparks a thrilling new love chapter that sees you blissing out in coupledom by December’s new Moon.




With Saturn and Neptune’s retrogrades in June and July, you’ll find yourself revisiting a work project or life goal. It might need serious elbow grease and a down-to-earth approach, like rolling up your sleeves for some behind-the-scenes work mid-year. It’s about refining your big ideas and not rushing to launch them just yet. Be patient, Gemini. Sometimes, things need to take a step back before leaping forward. Come September and October, Pluto’s influence shifts your focus to a loan. It’s time to scrutinise the numbers and aim to clear away debt as the year winds down. While it might seem like a setback, it’s all part of the grand plan. Stay grounded, put in the effort, and you’ll see the financial fruits of your labour as the year wraps up.


THE STARS SHINE ON Your personal growth and luck factor.


SELF-LOVE TIP: Give your talent permission to shine.


YOUR 2024 MANTRA: Go hard or go home!


Cancer and Cancer Rising

21 June – 22 July



Blame Jupiter if you’re doubting that 2024 is shaping up to be your year. But beneath the surface are hidden gems with your name on them, Cancer. Think of them as your unique talents and strengths waiting to shine. Trust your gut instincts this year – they’re like your personal GPS to success. Plus, with Pluto’s influence, emotional intimacy and closeness play a major role throughout the year, leading to a greater sense of fulfilment and inner peace by November. As you navigate 2024, your resilience and cherished connections are your rock-solid foundation.




In June, Venus’ cazimi introduces single Crabs to someone special, perhaps on a spiritual journey, health retreat, or meditation class. But remember, to forge a genuine connection, it’s crucial to be authentically you. Get to know and accept yourself before opening up and baring your soul. Only then will you connect on a profoundly deep level. From September to November, Pluto’s influence in your relationship zone brings a sticky challenge for couples. If your relationship is solid, this hurdle won’t shake you. In fact, it could strengthen your bond, align you with mutual goals and make you a more cohesive and committed team. December’s Black Moon offers a second chance at love for lonelyhearts. If it feels right, go for it—you’ll know in your heart if it’s meant to be.




April’s solar eclipse in your career sector is a wake-up call for discontented Crabs. Consider making a professional sea change and waving goodbye to a dead-end job that doesn’t align with your long-term goals. Sure, the initial instability might scare you, but trust destiny to guide you toward bigger and better work opportunities. Crabs staying put in their current job may take on extra responsibilities due to a coworker’s departure. Be flexible and accommodating, but don’t let anyone take advantage of your good nature. Come August, Mercury’s retrograde could lead to misplaced money, prompting you to comb through your credit card statements. By the end of August, a financial burden should ease. But beware of clashing with your boss or financial supporter during Mars’ retrograde in December. You might need to zip your lips this time, Cancer.


THE STARS SHINE ON: Your professional and personal relationships.


SELF-LOVE TIP: Learn to love your shadow self.


YOUR 2024 MANTRA: I voice my rawest emotions confidently, free from shame or embarrassment.



Leo and Leo Rising

23 July – 22 August



As the year begins with a full Moon in your sign, emotions surge like a high tide. It’s important to allow these feelings to surface rather than pushing them down. Dive into 2024 headfirst and wholeheartedly commit to your goals and resolutions, Leo. By late January, you’ll make amazing progress and witness an aspiration coming to fruition. As September winds down, Venus graces your home zone, rekindling a connection with a female relative or a close friend who feels like family. Your home becomes a hub of social activity, so why not indulge your inner interior decorator and give your space a fresh, inviting look? Pluto’s final visit through your health sector urges you to get serious about your wellbeing. It’s a call to clean and green your diet and address any lingering health concerns before November draws to a close.




Pluto backs into your relationship sector in January, sparking a relationship transformation. Discontented relationships feel the winds of change blowing, but remember, you have time. Avoid hasty decisions; if you’re unsure about the next step, meditate on it or have a heart-to-heart with a trusted friend. On the flip side, single Leos cross paths with their life partner in 2024, though some emotional loose ends might need tying around September, October, and November. Shadow work, self-reflection or professional therapy can be beneficial during this time. Despite happy couples being tested this year, Pluto’s influence upgrades connection and cohesion. Anticipate a deeper layer of emotional intimacy, strengthened trust in each other, plus an extra dollop of passion.




As Neptune retrogrades through your financial sector, be cautious around July. Resist the allure of get-rich-quick schemes and be wary of advice from those who aren’t financial experts. It’s a time for financial prudence, not significant investments or lending money, especially to friends. Come August, your patience pays off. What initially appears as a financial setback transforms into a lucrative opportunity. Losing one source of income unexpectedly opens doors to something more rewarding. September’s Mercury retrograde offers a chance to refine your budget. By November, if you’ve managed your moneyscape wisely, Saturn’s influence brings tangible rewards for your economic savvy.


THE STARS SHINE ON: Uplevelling a partnership.


SELF-LOVE TIP: Commit to self-care minus the guilt.


YOUR 2024 MANTRA: My imperfections make me uniquely beautiful.



Virgo and Virgo Rising

23 August – 22 September



As the new year unfolds, Mercury resolves a family matter, bringing peace and stability to your home life. However, this issue may resurface as Mercury retrogrades again towards the year’s end. Don’t stress; you’ve been down this road and have the know-how to sail through it once more. Come August, you’ll rethink your self-image, contemplating a fresh look. It’s an exciting prospect, but it’s wise to wait until September before drastically altering your appearance. November’s full Moon is your cue for an adventure, a journey that promises new experiences and perspectives. As the year winds down, Pluto inspires a transformation from within. From November onwards, you’re all about glowing from the inside out and making choices that prioritise your wellbeing.




This year’s a real game-changer for couples. Some will hit the ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ phase and head off solo. For others, a challenge outside their relationship leads to greater commitment and renewed faith in each other. If you’re dating, your relationship steps up a notch as Jupiter kisses Saturn in August. This planetary duo hints at a marriage proposal. If you’re on the fence, Christmas Day could bring a re-ask, and by then, your heart might be ready for a solid ‘yes’ or ‘no’. As for singles, thanks to Pluto’s final hoorah in your love zone from September to November, you’ll reflect on what you want in a partner. It’s not just about swiping right or left; it’s about understanding why you keep falling for the same type of person. Saturn’s retrograde is your wise cosmic friend, reminding you that you’ve got a say in who you let into your heart. By year’s end, there’s a strong chance you’ll meet someone who gets you on a whole new level.




March’s lunar eclipse in your financial sector tosses an unexpected twist your way. Stay calm and think it through before reacting. Keeping your spending in check is crucial, even if temptation knocks – and it will. April’s solar eclipse offers a chance to wipe out a debt. However, it’s not the time to shoulder a new loan. Hold off on any borrowing until the end of the month. Come May, Jupiter smiles on your career. Whether it’s a bonus or a promotion, fortune favours the bold. It’s your moment to shine, to showcase your skills and achievements. Trust in your talent; it’s your golden ticket to success.


THE STARS SHINE ON: Your professional success story.


SELF-LOVE TIP: Look after your body, and your spirit will soar.


YOUR 2024 MANTRA: I am deserving of love and dedicated effort.



Libra and Libra Rising

23 September – 22 October



March’s lunar eclipse in your sign sparks thoughts of a major makeover. Plan what you want to change, but wait until 2 weeks after the eclipse to take action. This celestial event inspires a fresh look, boosting your confidence and making you feel great, inside and out. October’s solar eclipse, also in your sign, wraps up a storyline that began last year. Think back to what was unfolding, especially regarding partnerships and balance. A compromise might be the key to maintaining harmony. Come late November, Mercury’s rewind in your communication sector could cause a negotiation hiccup. Aim for clarity and, if possible, delay signing any contracts until mid-December. By New Year’s Eve, the Black Moon offers a rare second chance at something that didn’t quite pan out before. Seize this opportunity thoughtfully and make it count.




In mid-January, Pluto elevates your love life, turning up the swoon factor. Singles, get ready to meet an intoxicating someone special. Though this connection might not be forever, it promises to leave its mark. Pluto tests couples, but it’s a time when strong relationships have the potential to grow even stronger. February, thanks to Chiron, is all about healing and reaffirming commitment. If you and your partner are at odds, a joint creative project could be the bridge back to each other. Plan a steamy getaway in mid-February, just the two of you — it’s time to focus on each other, away from everyday distractions. By April, the solar eclipse might be the final nail in the relationship coffin for discontented couples. But remember that beautiful new beginnings are often disguised as endings.




In March, steer clear of high-risk investments, as Jupiter and Neptune obscure facts and cloud your judgment. If investing or applying for a loan, ensure you’re fully informed. On a brighter note, it’s a prime time to solve a financial issue – think outside the box. April calls for a financial check-in. The full Moon sheds light on your expenses and helps you identify an ingenious way to boost your income. Come July, the new Moon brings a wave of enthusiasm at work. For Librans craving a career shift, this period is ripe for starting afresh, whether in a new role, launching a startup, or rejuvenating your current job with a fresh perspective. Move cautiously at work in November when a colleague, or even your boss, attempts to trip you up. Stay alert and tread carefully.


THE STARS SHINE ON: Your love life.


SELF-LOVE TIP: Trust that you are enough.


YOUR 2024 MANTRA: I ride the waves of change with confidence and curiosity.



Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

23 October – 21 November



January sees Pluto revisiting a family matter from last year. It’s your chance to clear the air, but brace yourself – things might get messy before they improve. Open a raw, honest dialogue and unearth an old grievance. Reconciliation is possible, but if it doesn’t happen, maybe it’s for the best. By August, Mercury’s retrograde in your social circle signals it’s time to distance yourself from a critical friend. Enough is enough. Letting go of this negative naysayer paves the way for a more positive, uplifting friendship. Come December, the Black Moon empowers you to speak your mind. Express yourself fully and stand firm in your beliefs and personal power. This year, the eclipses encourage introspection and self-evaluation. Consider counselling or even past life regression therapy to support you in becoming your best self. Fortify your inner strength and watch the improvements unfold in your life, relationships, and career.




As Jupiter makes a rare angle to Neptune in March, singles discover love in far-off places. If you’ve been casually dating, a special connection could deepen into something more serious. For those already paired up, rekindle the flame – consider a romantic getaway or learn a new language together, and add an exotic twist to your relationship.

Come November, the full Moon magnifies your partner’s imperfections. Resist the temptation to focus on the flaws. Instead, remember all the beautiful reasons you fell in love in the first place. Stay strong, play as a team, and don’t let anyone or anything come between you and your sweetheart.




Venus’ cazimi brings a financial uplift in June. This celestial event could manifest as a bonus or a golden opportunity to settle debts or advance an investment. Your financial acumen shines mid-year, unlocking paths to prosperity. Come November, Mercury’s rewind through your financial sector reassesses and tightens your budget. This period isn’t just about restrictions; it’s an opportunity to refine your spending habits and identify potential growth areas. As the year closes, Mars retrogrades through your career sector, slowing down a work project or putting the brakes on a major goal. Expect some frustration or burnout. As the year winds down, stepping back and recharging is crucial. See this pause not as a setback but as a chance to realign your professional ambitions with your wellbeing.


THE STARS SHINE ON: Your personal and spiritual growth.


SELF-LOVE TIP: Out with the old and in with the true, new you!


YOUR 2024 MANTRA: I choose harmony over conflict.


Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

22 November – 21 December



When it comes to home maintenance, tackle domestic tasks in the first half of the year. 2024 highlights impactful communication, courtesy of Pluto in your communication sector. Your voice will resonate most powerfully from January until August and then again in December. Consider writing a book or expressing your opinions via social media because you have much to say, Sagittarius! During May’s full Moon, you’re a force to be reckoned with. It’s like you’ve got a cosmic superpower creating a sweet buzz of success. Sure, there’s a rollercoaster of emotions along the way – that’s just part of the ride. But midyear brings your chance to shift mountains with your will. Come July, Neptune’s retrograde may bring a family challenge or letdown. Prioritise self-care, especially if you’re running yourself ragged looking after a parent or child.




April’s solar eclipse casts a dreamy spell in your love zone if you’re single. It’s like a scene from a romantic movie – hearts aflutter, and yes, you might just be swept off your feet! Just remember, though, romance and lasting love can look quite different. Keep an eye out for genuine connections amidst the whirlwind of charm. This eclipse could spring a surprise on those in relationships – and not necessarily the confetti-and-champagne kind. It might feel more like a plot twist that leaves you reeling. The key here is to stay grounded. Take a breath before reacting. June’s arrival sees Venus supporting couples. You’re more aligned, sharing goals and backing each other. It’s an ideal time to address any concerns or insecurities.




August brings a chance to revisit a professional project. It’s an opportunity for refinement or catching missed details. While it’s not the time for bold moves or signing crucial contracts, it is perfect for strategic thinking. Use this period for thorough research and meticulous planning. It’s about dotting the I’s, crossing the T’s, and almost over-preparing for future opportunities. Pluto transforms your moneyscape in 2024, bringing a mix of highs and lows that feel like a rollercoaster. Yet, any uncertainty is replaced by improved financial stability by year’s end.


THE STARS SHINE ON: Communication, writing, and speaking your truth.


SELF-LOVE TIP: Celebrate your unique voice and insist on being heard.


YOUR 2024 MANTRA: My words are powerful.



Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

22 December – 19 January



April’s eclipse creates a shift in your home life; a child may move out, or your living situation could change. Maybe you’re hunting for an investment property or a dream home. If the perfect pad appears, scrutinise the contract details carefully. Still, consider postponing major decisions or agreements until May for the best outcome. In June, Saturn begins its retrograde in your communication zone. You might feel your voice isn’t heard or your opinions don’t matter. Establishing clear boundaries and standing firm in your beliefs is the key here. Pluto completes its final passage through your sign from September to November. It’s a monumental period, marking the end of a long chapter in your life. Just like a phoenix rises from the ashes, you’ll find yourself transformed, radiating strength, clarity, and determination. By December, life and love propel forward with full force.




April sees Jupiter and Uranus align in your love zone, bringing a twist to your romantic life. Singles, brace for a heart-fluttering surprise as you’re drawn to someone totally unpredictable, potentially from a distant shore. For taken Goats, this cosmic combo offers relief, easing a burden that’s been weighing on your relationship. Come July, the new Moon presents a fresh perspective for couples navigating rough waters. It might not be the relationship itself but external pressures causing the strain. This lunar phase reminds you that the most straightforward solutions often bring the best results. December’s Black Moon invites you to let your guard down and be unapologetically you. It’s about authenticity and having the big love despite any rough edges.




This year, Pluto inspires you to rethink your financial strategy. The usual ways of managing your budget and savings need a revamp. But this isn’t a race. Focus on gradual change and long-term financial health. The March and October eclipses mark a significant phase in your career, bringing a long-term project to fruition. Expect some unexpected turns, but you’ll see substantial progress by October. Goats craving a career change, this year is your runway. It’s time to pursue a path that fuels your creativity and awakens your sense of purpose. It’s wise to steer clear of new investments in December. With Mars in retrograde, rushing into financial decisions could lead to errors or oversights. Take your time scrutinising every detail before committing to new economic ventures.


THE STARS SHINE ON: Romancing and being romanced.


SELF-LOVE TIP: Be unapologetically and radically you.


YOUR 2024 MANTRA: I manifest financial abundance.




Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

20 January – 18 February



A shift that began in mid-2023 is the final puzzle piece that helps you understand what this year has in store. Pluto’s influence in 2024 is shedding everything that isn’t right for you, just like a snake sheds its skin. Don’t feel guilty about this clean-up—it’s part of your destiny. Tie up loose ends in September, October, and November. And a heads-up for November: Mercury’s retrograde is your cue for a friendship check-in. In this next chapter of your life, you’ll want to surround yourself with high-vibing friends. Then, from December onwards, you’re all set for an exciting, upward journey. On the surface, you’re a social dynamo this year, buzzing with fresh ideas and surrounded by stimulating people. But amidst this hive of social activity, a deep dive is happening internally, focusing on your personal growth and happiness. So, carve out some quiet time to reflect and stay grounded.




This year, past relationships reemerge, influencing your current or future romantic connections. It’s crucial to be aware of this, as unresolved feelings from the past could impact present dynamics. If you find yourself confronting old wounds, regrets, or resentments, know they’re surfacing for a reason. The year’s second half is pivotal for addressing and resolving these issues. As Jupiter and Uranus’ alignment serves up romance on a silver platter, April is your prime time for love. If you’re single and meet someone unconventional and a little quirky, go for it! Their unique traits hide a heart of gold, which is the key to a lasting and meaningful connection.




Pat yourself on the back for nailing a project or sealing a deal in April. Thinking of asking for a raise? Lay the groundwork in August. Do your homework on what the competition pays and draft an email pointing out your worth. Gather indisputable facts and craft a persuasive argument showcasing your value. Mercury’s got your back in September, sparking ideas to boost your bank balance. Later in the year, Saturn and Neptune’s retrograde tighten your money belt. This isn’t just about cutting back; it’s an invitation to rethink your approach to saving and spending. It’s a chance to get creative with your finances and explore new ways to make your money work for you.


THE STARS SHINE ON: A brand new you, in every way.


SELF-LOVE TIP: Champion yourself and take a decisive step towards a stronger you.


YOUR 2024 MANTRA: I am a divine work in progress.




Pisces and Pisces Rising

19 February – 20 March



Jupiter blesses your home life from May onwards, with some Fish welcoming a new baby into the family fold. The mega planet’s once-in-12-year visit marks an extravagant celebration in the year’s second half. Saturn’s retrograde in June, followed by Neptune’s in July, marks a period of self-introspection, where you’ll question your identity and path. Keep the faith, Pisces. A lunar eclipse in your sign discovers who you are and what you’re made of. Energy levels peak during August’s new Moon. Despite Mercury’s retrograde, it’s an excellent opportunity to upgrade your wellbeing and workouts. November’s full Moon suggests keeping all communication clear and your requests reasonable. By December, you’ll gain a sense of self-awareness and purpose that will become your superpower in 2024. Finally, Pluto settles into a 20-year journey through your reflection zone, demanding more “me time”. You’ll do your best work in solitude, Pisces.




2024 reminds you that self-improvement and self-love aren’t just buzzwords—they’re your keys to unlocking a fulfilling love life. Whether single or in a relationship, the more you invest in yourself, the more your romantic world will flourish. From June onwards, the cosmos is like a personal coach for singles, encouraging you to go within before putting yourself out there. And Mercury’s retrograde in August shows you how to put your newfound insights about what and who you want into practice. But hold off on any big love moves or heart-to-heart confessions until September. That’s when the celestial climate is suitable for making those big, bold love moves. So, love yourself first, Pisces, and watch everything fall beautifully into place.




April’s solar eclipse brings a surprise financial opportunity that’s initially intimidating but full of potential. Take a cautious approach – this is a money marathon, not a sprint. It’s also a great time to revamp your budgeting strategies and hunt for better deals. October’s lunar eclipse turns your attention to shared finances. You might be paying off a loan or navigating financial matters with a partner, whether in love or business. As December rolls in, Mercury’s forward movement signals professional progress. It’s an ideal time to launch a startup or a new professional project or finalise a deal put on hold in November.


THE STARS SHINE ON: Growing your money tree.


SELF-LOVE TIP: Introspection is your secret weapon in your journey of self-discovery.


YOUR 2024 MANTRA: Through self-acceptance, I harness my power.


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