Astrology reveals the cosmic blueprint of our lives, a map of the soul's journey. By aligning with the celestial rhythms, we tap into the profound wisdom of the universe.

- Linda Goodman

Your Celestial Compass

Astrology for self-discovery and empowerment

RRP: $36.99

Unlock the power of astrology to understand yourself, your relationships and your soul’s purpose

Award-winning astrologer Natasha Weber is your guide to unravelling the secrets of your astrological blueprint. With her down-to-earth stellar insights, Natasha unpacks the Zodiac signs, explores the mysteries of the Moon, clarifies cusp signs, and demystifies those challenging celestial shifts (Mercury retrograde, anyone?) so you can harness the knowledge of the cosmos for greater personal growth and success.

Your Celestial Compass is your essential astrological guidebook to help you take on life’s pitfalls and pressures, amplify your strengths, and decode the magnificent cosmic puzzle that is you.

Empower yourself with the ancient wisdom of astrology and steer your course by the stars.

Your Celestial Compass: Astrology for Self-Discovery and Empowerment, published by Penguin Random House, is set for release on October 1. Secure your copy early at a special pre-order discount, available for a limited time only.


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