Astrology is like a gateway drug to a more cosmic world view.

- Ruby Warrington
I have always had a fascination with astrology but never had my birth chart read until this week, and I am still in disbelief at how accurate Natasha was in describing my nature, my raw personality, and my desires and dreams.
Natasha is one of those very rare souls you meet in life that possess a powerful gift. Natasha’s understanding of the astrological landscape is outstanding and vast, and combined with her empathetic and nurturing delivery of information, she has honestly helped me to begin to realise my true potential.
Natasha is such an articulate and warm communicator that it’s very easy to get lost in conversation with her.
Having Natasha read my birth chart, has opened my eyes to the person I have been and also the person that I one day hope to become.
This isn’t airy fairy stuff, this is real. Natasha’s explanation of why my home and family are my everything made so much sense. Natasha also described to me in great detail what things really fill my cup – something I have been contemplating a lot lately. She helped uncover my highly psychic side that I had lost touch with, and Natasha’s reading helped me understand why I feel starved when not allowing my artistic expression to flow. The accuracy and detail – still echoes in my mind. Only those closest to me know these things about me, and yet Natasha read them like she knew the real me.. and that validation has been incredibly uplifting and motivating for me at this point in my life.
Without a doubt, I am so grateful to Natasha for the work she does in Astrology and for analysing and reading and explaining my birth chart to me. It has been life-changing.
Chezzi Denyer

Senior TV producer, Creative Director, Presenter Mummy Time TV

Collaborating with Natasha was truly a magical experience that I will never forget.
I am so grateful and blessed to have crossed paths with the beautiful Natasha. She is such a big-hearted soul full of vibrant energy and her guiding light for others truly shines out of this Universe!
I absolutely loved and enjoyed working closely with Natasha and would work with her again in a heartbeat, I’m so thankful for our beautiful friendship and our magical collaboration together.
If you’re seeking a deeper personal awareness through the lens of astrology, Natasha is most definitely your Astro Queen!”.
Daniella Cavallaro

Director, Boss Babes Australia

Not only is Natasha Weber is a qualified professional astrologer, she is also a warm and lovely person. Her astrological insights are always spot on and well worth listening to.

I would recommend her for a consultation without reservation.

Stephanie Johnson

Director, Esoteric Technologies

It’s my 25th birthday tomorrow, so I treated myself to downloading my full astrology report. It was tear-jerkingly enlightening. Those 20 pages have been pivotal and I could not have come across it at a more perfect time. You’ve provided so much clarity which has been both reassuring and inspiring. Thank you!

Jenna Cawthray


Dear Natasha,

Thank the Universe for giving me this opportunity. This reading exceeded my expectations. The hair on my arms are still standing! Thank you so so so much.

With Love,


Amanda Strang

Actress, Model and Celebrity Chef

Natasha Weber has been a member of the Australian Academy of Astrology & Cosmobiology since 2004. Between 2004 and 2006 Natasha completed her AAAC Certificate and AAAC Professional Certificate, both with Distinction. In addition to her ability to interpret the horoscope accurately, Natasha received full marks for the advanced calculation section of her AAAC Professional Exam, taken under supervision. Such expertise enriches her Professional status.

Natasha joined the AAAC Senior Research Group in 2008 and has made many presentations to the group since then, demonstrating her teaching and research skills. Her ethical, caring and attractive personality makes her an ideal counsellor and media representative for Astrology.

In 2011 her article “Man and Wildlife in Astrology” was published in ‘Today’s Astrologer’, the Journal of the American Federation of Astrologers, Inc.

It has been a pleasure to myself, students and researchers of AAAC to have you in our group Natasha.

Pamela Rowe

Principal, Australian Academy of Astrology & Cosmobiology

I have always felt the connection between the Universe and self but have never really been able to understand my relationship with it!

Our own birth chart is just that … our own, unique fingerprint. Having Natasha explain to me from an astrological perspective the nuts and bolts of my birth chart was amazing! I learned what makes me tick and why, my alignment with the universe as well as forecasts. It made a lot of sense to me but most of all I found it to be an insightful and helpful tool of which I refer to regularly.

The accuracy of this science is reliant not just on the facts based on your time and date of birth, but also on the Astrologer’s ability to interpret your chart.
Natasha is a delightful human being. She is a very knowledgeable and passionate Astrologer and extremely dedicated to assisting all those seeking answers and guidance.

You will love the experience!

Sally Williams

TV Personality, Smiling Mind Ambassador, Marriage and Funeral Celebrant

I was given a full reading with Natasha as a gift, and two years later it’s still giving me joy. Like a lot of people, I’m a regular reader of my sun sign in horoscopes, but didn’t understand the depth and clarity of astrology until I met Natasha.

Natasha’s knowledge is deep and her delivery is super professional. Full documentation and explanation of my house were provided and I find it a useful resource even now to keep exploring from time to time for reminders, wisdom and comfort.

It’s an ancient practice and yet still so relevant in these modern times. Natasha’s reading suggested the passing of a storm in my personal life, a breaking of resistance after years of denial, and she was correct.

I can highly recommend engaging Natasha’s services, as a tool to navigate issues and to understand how your sign can influence choices and decisions. Here is a rare person deeply passionate about her craft, her work and – more importantly – how it serves those who seek her guidance.

Roy Fleming

My name is Joy McKenzie and I am delighted to be writing a testimonial about Natasha Weber. We have known one another for a long time and have worked together for many years, and I have always found her to be a most professional and caring girl with not only beautiful looks but beauty on the inside as well. She has a warm and welcoming nature but an achiever where ever she has passion.

More recently Natasha has started a new journey in life and I was privileged enough to be the first person to experience that new beginning with her and I hold her in high esteem for it. But whatever your encounter with Natasha is either professional or personal, it is going to be one you will always remember and hold close to your heart.

Joy McKenzie

I organised for Natasha to come along to a Hen’s night for my sister in law and a small group of women.

Natasha was wonderful! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their individualised session with Natasha and the birth chart Natasha gave them.

Natasha was a pleasure to work with organising the day and you can tell that she truly loves what she does and enjoys sharing her knowledge with others.

Thank you for making the Hen’s such a wonderful night.

After meeting with you, I now want to get all my kid’s birth charts done.

Kristen Russell

I love it when I reach out for guidance, from different sources and it is absolutely aligned with what is happening for me in that given moment in time.

I had the most amazing experience yesterday with the gorgeous and insightful soul Natasha Weber !!!

Astrology has always fascinated me but my knowledge of it is only as deep as knowing I am a Virgo lol!

I was recently called to do my Birth Chart – and over a detailed 1.5 hour reading of the chart with Natasha I was able to see all the pieces of my life and the influences from birth until now – displayed in a kaleidoscope of colour, clarity and meaning.

Who would know that it would give me such accurate confirmation and assurance that I am on the right path.

I was able to see my personality strengths alongside my weaknesses and now I have some really helpful and practical guidance to help me stay on track over the next year.

For anyone wanting a Birth Chart take a look at ❤️

Heartfelt thanks and gratitude Natasha, you are one of the sisterhood of helpful souls that is out there for us all xx

Jane Robotham

CEO and Director Soul Clarity Australia

Natasha is an old and dear friend of mine from college days. For years now I have pestered her for a reading and finally, in 2018 she acquiesced  It wasn’t until I was sitting down that I realised just how nervous I was. It’s not often that you expose a friend to your inner most thoughts and feelings, let alone have them delve into you psyche through your Birth Chart. Fortunately for me Natasha was incredibly sensitive, caring and supportive.

Over the years I’ve had several readings and what stood out for me with Natasha was her deeper insight and interpretation of my chart. This also combined with what I would consider to be strong mediumistic qualities. At times it was if she was channelling information from somewhere else. 

Natasha’s style is very caring and nurturing but also direct, making it clear that in all situations we have choices. In many ways I felt supported and understood for the first time in my life. As with most charts there are the good aspects and the not so good. Her reading has helped me to accept certain factors in my life and also to challenge myself in ares where I can improve. 

In listening back to the reading, I feel a renewed energy and drive to go after my goals and pursue my dreams. 

Thankyou Natasha, your reading really has meant a lot to me.

Jonathan S

“I decided to have a session with Natasha as I wanted some direction in my career. I know there are lots of things I could do however I didn’t want to spend time and money exploring these avenues if they weren’t the best choice for me. As such I wanted to see what the stars had to say. Natasha was able to confirm what my heart really desired. Furthermore, the session was very insightful and I would definitely recommend her.”

Jarrod McShane

As the gap between science and spiritual belief is dissolving we are looking for answers to the mental, physical, emotional, and, spiritual events that we have and are continuing to experience along our own unique journey. We are all unique, authentic, and perfectly imperfect striving to become better versions of ourselves each and every day. The energies have intensified prompting us to question many things in our past and present lives. As we look for answers there is a bridge that has appeared between the science of Astrology and our souls need for answers. I have always had a special interest in the stars, a sense that there were many answers to the unsettling questions of the past and the present journey of me. I have had my Natal charts read by Scientific/Characteristic based Astrologers and there were many valuable answers illuminated for me. However each left me with a sense that there was more to be discovered. I was guided to Natasha and found that her approach to astrology was one that was very unique and stood out from the crowd. It was intelligent, practical, compassionate, elements of humour, and from a place of love for guiding others. She has bridged the gap between the Scientific and Spiritual elements of Astrology to provide a deeper interpretation of the general aspects and energies that affect us each and every day. When people are passionate about what they do the results far exceed our expectations, even those of a grand Leo.  My annual forecast reading with Natasha has provided me with such invaluable answers to where and why my journey has evolved as it has which brings me to a greater place of peace with my past. Her magical insights have also provided me with great comfort into the various adventures within the journey that lies ahead.  She has helped me peel back the layers to discover who I am and who I need to evolve into. Astrology is a tool that we all have to help us grow and guide us along our journey to fulfil our soul’s purpose. I am both fortunate and honoured to have connected with such a wonderful person, and a beautiful soul. I look forward to embracing Natasha’s gifts to guide me along the rest of my journey. 

Much Gratitude Natasha.

Mason Cromwell

Canadian Actor

Hi Natasha,

Just wanted to thank you again for my birth chart reading today. You provided me with great insight and I now understand myself on a deeper level and am excited to see what the future has in store for me regarding the astrological information you provided me with. You’re a beautiful soul and it was an honour to win the giveaway, as I mentioned to you today, I have been following you on social for a while and today’s video call did not disappoint!

Natalie Fraumeni

Natalie Fraumeni

Co founder, Peckish


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