Mark your calendar for July 23! That’s when Venus begins its backward journey through Leo, pressing the universe’s pause button on your love life, looks, and finances. Venus is about to give your relationships a much-needed health check. You might be asking yourself if you’re truly happy with your partner or if you’re ignoring any warning signs in a new romance. And for singles, are your love goals in need of a refresher? They probably are. Don’t worry, this isn’t about stirring drama. Rather, it’s about helping you face the truth and decide on your next steps.

Now, let’s talk about August 13. Venus and the Sun are going to be perfectly aligned in a rare event called a cazimi, which amplifies Venusian qualities of love and romance. This means that it’s a perfect day for heartfelt commitments. You might say “yes!” to a proposal, walk down the aisle, or simply feel a surge in your love life. 

But Venus’ retrograde isn’t only about your love life. It also prompts you to take a hard look at your finances. Are you managing your money wisely? This is your chance to evaluate your budget, check on your investments, and think about how to boost your income. However, remember that this isn’t the best time to make major financial changes; instead, use this period to plan your moves, which you can execute with confidence once Venus resumes its forward journey on September 4.

Last but not least, it’s time for some self-reflection. Are you valuing yourself as much as you should? Are there any changes you’d like to make to your appearance? While this might not be the best time for a radical makeover, it’s certainly a good period to understand why you might be craving a change. 

Remember that Venus’ retrograde is all about introspection – in your relationships, moneyscape and image. So, for now, go within, and when Venus starts moving forward after September 4, you’ll have your moment in the spotlight. And who knows, you might learn a lesson or two from the past as Venus revisits themes from its last retrograde in Leo back in 2015.

By Natasha Weber aka AstroTash


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