Venus Dances With Uranus – Love At First Sight

The dance between Venus and Uranus will be more of a flamenco than a waltz. This heavenly connection is known as the “love at first sight” aspect because it can leave you feeling as though you have been pierced by Cupid’s arrow. Single ladies. This one’s for you!

The conjunction between these two planets occurs at 27 degrees Aries on 3rd June. Aires is a fire sign, emphasising the passionate and impulsive nature of this union. If you have planets around this degree of Aries, Libra, Cancer or Capricorn, Cupid may be aiming his arrows at you.

Prepare to be flooded with the love hormone, oxytocin, as you feel as though you have been hit by a lightening bolt.

Will it last? That depends on the rest of your chart and the choices of both parties involved. But put it this way… I wouldn’t go tattooing his name on your wrist, just yet.

Natasha Weber


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