SYDNEY: 4:17 pm, January 21

NEW YORK: 12:17 am, January 21

LONDON: 5:17 am, January 21

A total lunar eclipse will occur during this full Moon in Leo. An eclipse can be a portal for change, so if you find yourself stuck in some area of your life or clinging onto your comfort zone when you know you should be letting go in order to evolve, step into your rightful destiny or move into bold new territory, this full Moon eclipse might be the very thing that you need to launch yourself forward.

The catch is that an eclipse is not an ideal time to start something new. The right balance lies in allowing the changes to occur without taking action until the cosmic dust of the eclipse settles. Give it at least two weeks. Then, you can confidently stride forward in the new direction that the eclipse has laid out for you.

For those with a strong Leo placement in their birth charts such as a Leo Sun, Moon or Ascendant, this eclipse also speaks of the importance of following your heart-song. Honour your heart’s desires to manifest joy and align you with your true purpose. Used with proper intent, this full Moon can also serve to balance and heal your heart chakra.

By Natasha Weber @astrotash


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