SYDNEY: 12:28 am, 1 February
NEW YORK: 8:28 am, 31 January
LONDON: 1:28 pm 31 January

We will soon be witness to a rare celestial event when the Super Blood Moon in Leo (also a Blue Moon in some parts of the world) occurs on 1st February 2018.

This Full Moon has three features that make it special.

 1/ It is a SUPER MOON, which means that it is closer to the Earth than a usual Full Moon, making it appear larger and brighter.

 2/ It is a BLOOD MOON, otherwise known as a lunar eclipse. The term “blood” refers to the reddish hue that is created when the Earth’s shadow is cast onto it.

 3/ In some parts of the world, it is also a BLUE MOON, which refers to it being the second Full Moon that falls in one calendar month.

The Full Moon will be in 11 degrees of LEO, the zodiac sign of love and generosity. As it connects strongly with the asteroid Ceres, the  nurturing and support we receive from our most intimate relationships become apparent and vitally important. Ceres also represents the parent/child relationship, these themes having stemmed from ancient mythology. It prompts us to ask the questions that are deep within, churning at our core, begging to be answered. Are you in a relationship that seemingly ticks all the right boxes yet you still yearn to feel unconditionally loved and deeply understood? This super, blood, blue moon inspires us to seek out a soul mate that TRULY HAS OUR BACK, even in our darkest of times. One that walks his/her talk and doesn’t run at the first sign of difficulty or adversity. Leo is zodiac royalty, demanding that we don’t settle for second best when it comes to choosing who we give our precious heart to.


By Natasha Weber @Astrotash





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