SYDNEY: 4:55 am, October 15

LONDON: 6:55 pm, October 14

NEW YORK: 1:55 pm, October 14

LOS ANGELES: 10:55 am, October 14

PERTH: 1:55 am, October 15



Eclipse season kicks off with a new moon solar eclipse in Libra, a zodiac sign that’s as cutthroat as it is gracious.


Typically, new moons suggest fresh starts. But this one, aligned with the Moon’s South node, insists on letting go of something or someone before giving you the green light to rise up.


It’s asking the question: What or whom have you outgrown? Maybe it’s a relationship, a vice, or a divisive behavioural pattern holding you back. But, if the idea of walking away feels overwhelming, remember that endings are often instigators for new and improved opportunities.


Eclipses are unpredictable by nature, and this one comes with its fair share of shake-ups. However, chaos isn’t always destructive; some might experience this solar eclipse as a blend of turmoil and thrill. Either way, you can navigate any unsettled energy by leaning into Libra’s balanced nature: stay calm, think things through, and remember to see the beauty in the mundane, especially in your most treasured relationships.


And listen up, people-pleasers! This eclipse points to more authentic connections and interactions for you.


Over the next two weeks, there will be moments when diplomacy will save the day, even when you’d rather be blunt. But if you feel tossed about, keep your wits about you, think before reacting, and you’ll handle whatever gets thrown at you.


Also, with Venus, this eclipse’s planetary ruler, in pragmatic Virgo, grounding activities can benefit your mental health. Simple acts, like spending time in nature, digging your fingers into the soil or doing housework, can be surprisingly soothing.


As you face the inevitable challenges during this solar eclipse, aim to stay true to Libra’s most prized traits: the capacity for understanding, a fair-minded perspective and deep compassion. Just don’t forget to apply all the above to yourself, too.

By Natasha Weber aka AstroTash


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