April’s new Moon in Aries meets a solar eclipse.

This visually spectacular hybrid eclipse will captivate the sky, showcasing both annular and total phases. An annular eclipse creates an angelic halo effect, as the Moon’s shadow doesn’t fully reach Earth, while a total eclipse results in the Moon entirely obscuring the Sun, casting a mysterious darkness over the path of totality.

Now, let’s dive into the juicy stuff: How will this celestial dance impact your life? As the eclipse hits the tail-end of Aries, you’ll feel a sense of closure. But there’s no time to dwell on the past, as solar eclipses also usher in fresh starts.

Eclipses are instigators of radical change, so brace yourself for a potentially erratic journey as you bid farewell to one adventure and embark on another.

Thanks to Aries’ warrior spirit, this shift might feel like an epic battle scene. You’ll find yourself standing up for your beliefs, values, and everything that makes your heart sing. Yet even the fiercest amongst us may face resistance due to the cosmic winds.

Why the pushback, you ask? Mars, the planet governing this eclipse, is currently chilling in peace-loving Cancer. This means you may feel torn between the cozy comfort of familiarity and the thrill of conquering new frontiers, especially emotional and financial ones.

As the internal tug-of-war rages on, you’ll grapple with a desire for progress while simultaneously craving the warm embrace of safety and certainty. Thanks to the Taurus North Node’s connection to the eclipse, you might strive to level up your lifestyle, reputation or reassess your priorities.

This solar eclipse in Aries sends a clear message: Figure out what’s worth fighting for in your life, avoid clinging to your comfort zone, and embrace change.

Below are the new moon times. Please keep in mind that the eclipse can be seen in some parts of the world, namely in Australia and South East Asia, at various times. However, if you are planning to get a glimpse of this awe-inspiring event, don’t forget to protect your eyes with special eclipse-viewing glasses!

SYDNEY: 2:12 pm, April 20

LONDON: 5:12 am, April 20

NEW YORK: 12:12 am, April 20

LOS ANGELES: 9:12 pm, April 19

PERTH: 12:12 pm, April 20


By Natasha Weber aka @astrotash


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