SYDNEY: 9:49 pm, May 15
NEW YORK: 7:49 am, May 15
LONDON: 12:49 pm, May 15

 This New Moon in 24 degrees of Taurus occurs in the midst of an erratic few days, in astrology. Mercury (representing communication) moved into Taurus on May 13, Uranus (shake ups and excitement) begins a brand new 7 year cycle tomorrow and clashes with Mars (aggression and desire) on the same day.

Considering the cosmic tension these planetary connections are bound to create, it would be wise to use this New Moon in earthy Taurus to ground yourself. Set your intentions with a pragmatic tone to counteract the hectic vibe. What can you do to create more stability and calm in your life? How can you set yourself up to feel more secure in your relationships? There is also an strong emphasis on money, so use this time to ensure you are not over-stretched and implement sensible solutions, such as building a nest-egg now, just in case you need something to fall back on.


By Natasha Weber @astrotash


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