SYDNEY: 11:39 am, September 15

LONDON: 2:39 am, September 15

NEW YORK: 9:39 pm, September 14

LOS ANGELES: 6:39 pm, September 14

PERTH: 9:39 am, September 15


This Friday’s new moon in Virgo suggests a shift in perspective. Virgo typically yearns for structure, routine and predictability. However, with Mercury – Virgo’s ruling planet – in retrograde for one more day, things might not be so straightforward.


While retrogrades often receive negative attention, they present a wonderful opportunity for introspection and realisation. So, you might find yourself reevaluating your day-to-day routine. Consider allocating time this Friday to rethink your habits: are they still supporting you, or could they do with a refresher? For instance, binge-watching your favourite Netflix series might’ve been your recent go-to, but maybe now it’s worth revisiting that book you’ve kept on the shelf for so long.


In astrology, Virgo governs health, encompassing mental well-being. So, for you, this new moon might be more about investing in new holistic health habits.


Relationships aren’t exempt from this period of reflection either. Assess your relationship dynamics. If things feel off-kilter, this new moon in contemplative Virgo indicates it might be time for a quiet chat.


Mercury retrograde may not be the best time to put your foot down, but La Luna does encourage a genuine, understanding dialogue. This might be the right time to consider couples therapy or personal counselling.


Given the ongoing retrograde cycles, it’s a prime time for self-reflection and personal growth. This lunation might even reveal a personal revelation for those willing to dive deep.


And because the new moon faces off with Neptune in our skies, it’s natural to encounter feelings of sadness, disillusionment, or a sense of being swamped. Remember, these feelings are just visitors guiding you towards introspection. This new moon in Virgo can pave the way for fresh perspectives and a clearer path forward by gently re-assessing and redefining habits that no longer serve you.

By Natasha Weber aka AstroTash



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