SYDNEY: 4:34 am, March 3rd

NEW YORK: 12:34 pm, March 2nd

LONDON: 5:34 pm, March 2nd

LOS ANGELES: 9:34 am, March 2nd

PERTH: 1:34 am, March 3rd


A new moon of big dreams, where anything and everything is possible.


March’s new moon is in Pisces, the sign that rules creativity, artistry, intuition, fantasy, magic, imagination, movie stars, illusion, spirituality and transcendence. But above all, Pisces is deeply compassionate and wants desperately to rescue the world from its woes.


La Luna in Pisces longs for world peace in a utopian universe.


Both Pisces’ traditional and modern planetary rulers, Jupiter and Neptune, are edging towards a once-in-a-lifetime union in their home sign. When they get together, these two planets wield cosmic magic, making this an excellent time to set intentions and practice your favourite manifestation technique. And for extra manifesting oomph, create an inspiring vision board during this new moon. Still, idealism without action is simply wasted good intention.


But this lunation isn’t airy-fairy – it’s got a celestial bite!


As La Luna and the Sun meet in our skies to begin a brand-new cycle, warring Mars meets powerhouse Pluto. And here’s the twist: these planetary heavyweights pack a punch and are often associated with superhuman effort and extraordinary force. Yet you can use the contradictory new moon vibe to your advantage.


The trick is not to expect your problems to disappear without any effort on your part. A much better idea would be to put some elbow grease into what you want to change in your life. Because with a bit of grit and determination, you become empowered to make the necessary changes to foster smoother relationships, create a more rewarding professional path and elevate your health and happiness.


This new moon grants a miracle – but Mars and Pluto want you to work for it. And if you’re up for the challenge, this lunation could literally transform your life.


 By Natasha Weber @astrotash 


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