SYDNEY: 9:21 pm, March 13th
NEW YORK: 5:21 am, March 13th
LONDON: 10:21 am, March 13th

This month’s new Moon is all about the artists, the dreamers and the underdogs of society. If this is you, know that it’s your time to rise! Step into the spotlight because your voice and vision have never been more powerful.

La Luna begins her cycle in sensitive Pisces. As I write this, The Rainbow Connection song is looping through my head… “one day we’ll find it, the rainbow connection, the lovers, the dreamers and me.” During this new Moon, bold promises and big dreams take shape, but which path leads to the pot of gold at the end of your personal rainbow? You may reach this new Moon’s fork in the road and be thrown into feelings of uncertainty and self-consciousness.

The answer lies in your gut feels – trust them implicitly. With Venus, Neptune, the Sun and the Moon all meditating in spiritual Pisces, the cosmos brings a light bulb moment that’s sparked from within. If something feels off, consider that a deal-breaker. For those of you having trouble tuning inwards, sit quietly by the ocean or in the bath (Pisces is a water sign) and ask for guidance. It really is that simple, and you’ll be blown away by the clarity a little quiet introspection brings you.

Above all, this new Moon places creative folks centre stage. So, for all you dancers, musicians, poets and painters, sparkle bright like the star you are. Artistic projects are successfully seeded now too. Nurturing a brilliant idea that fans your creative fire? Light the flame over the next four days.

Creativity can be expressed in many different shapes, forms and various expressions. What’s your talent? For the sake of society’s mental, emotional and spiritual health, La Luna asks that you bravely take steps to share it.


By Natasha Weber @astrotash