SYDNEY: 7:53 am, January 22

LONDON: 8:53 pm, January 21

NEW YORK: 3:53 pm, January 21

LOS ANGELES: 12:53 pm, January 21

PERTH: 4:53 am, January 22



Sunday’s new Moon amplifies Aquarius season’s vibe – to reject the status quo and act in alignment with your own rules.


Staying true to yourself is crucial this zodiac season. Because although you believe you should conform to what’s expected, being authentic makes you happiest in the long run.


So, do you, darling.


Feeling this in your bones isn’t enough, either. When La Luna’s ruler, Uranus, connects with communicative Mercury on January 30, you may be forced to say your piece. If that’s you (which is likely if you have an Aquarian or Capricorn Sun, Moon or Rising), speak up!


Of course, the Universe won’t judge you for staying silent if the timing feels off or you don’t feel safe enough to speak your truth.


It’s just that the Moon’s Node is weighing into this new Moon’s story, pushing you towards becoming your most bona fide self. Trust in that, and you’ll progress in leaps and bounds this new Moon. If you’re not willing to rock the boat, that’s okay too. You may just revisit this karmic lesson down the track when you are ready. Your time will come.


I’ll leave you with five tips on how to use this Aquarian new Moon to your advantage. Even baby steps in these directions will do.


  1. Detach from people and circumstances that expect more than you’re prepared to give.
  2. Recognise that flying solo can be as rewarding as finding the perfect partner.
  3. Embrace your independence while allowing others to do the same.
  4. Follow through with a radical idea, even if you’re the only one that thinks it’s brilliant.
  5. Think and act outside the box.

By Natasha Weber aka AstroTash


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