The moon’s north and south nodes have made a once-in-19-year celestial shift into Aries and Libra. Firstly, what are the Moon’s Nodes? Are they a planet, a zodiac sign or a luminary? The answer is none of the above. The Moon’s Nodes are a mathematical point that relates to the Moon and the Earth’s orbit, and they have a profound impact on your destiny.


The Nodes are like whispers from the universe about the purpose of your soul, your true life compass, and the kind of companions you need on this grand adventure of life.


Think of them as a cosmic lighthouse. They illuminate the path when you feel a bit lost, especially when it comes to chasing your dreams and moulding the best version of yourself. This might mean welcoming a dramatic change in your life direction.


Over the next 18 months, you might find that some relationships have run their course. The lessons you needed to learn from each other are done, and now it’s time to journey in separate directions. But remember, this is not a loss; it’s a completion of a purposeful cycle.


So, what does it mean now that the Moon’s North Node has settled into Aries and the South Node has made its home in Libra?


The North Node, your spiritual GPS towards a better future, will be channelling the spirit of the assertive and confident Aries. This means it’s time to prioritise yourself, your goals and your authentic purpose.


Aries can come off as self-centred, but in this context, it’s about transforming that self-focus into self-love – a journey that’s worth undertaking while the North Node is in Aries.


Meanwhile, the South Node settles into Libra, the peacekeeper, the one who wants to make everyone else happy, sometimes at their own expense. But don’t get trapped into pleasing everyone; it’s your time now. You’ve done enough for others; now, the focus needs to be on you.


Remember, the Nodes are like your astrological guides, helping you grow and evolve. During this phase, you may encounter people who are not just companions but soul mates, individuals who will help you realise your highest potential and guide you on your path towards your true north.


You can discover where the nodes intend to push for transformation and a sea change in your life, by reflecting on what was coming up for you 19 years ago – the last time the moon’s north and south node were travelling through the exact same area of your chart.

How can you apply the wisdom gained from that period in your life, to improve your choices and your path now?

If you were a child back then, you could still gain some insight by looking back 9 years; the halfway point of your full nodal return.

By Natasha Weber aka AstroTash


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