Mars Enters A New Zodiac Sign – Cancer

Mars is the planet of action. It rules red hot desire, motivation and energy. So what happens when the planet of assertion and force, enters sentimental, homely Cancer on 5th June?

Previously in Gemini, Mars gave us the impetus to study new subjects and engage in lively conversation. Gemini is an air sign and loves to access information. This placement brings a thirst for knowledge and the hunger to pursue fresh ideas.

When Mars moves into Cancer, expect a change from the mental adrenaline rush of the past several weeks. Mars in Gemini is a social butterfly. But in Cancer, Mars would prefer to stay at home by the fire.

From early June until mid July, our focus shifts from cerebral to sentiment. Actions are now governed by instinct. The emphasis will be on how we feel about the seeds of thought that were planted in April and May. And at the end of the day, will these ideas truly satisfy our heart’s desire?

Natasha Weber


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