SYDNEY: October 29, 7:24 am

LONDON: October 28, 9:24 pm

NEW YORK: October 28, 4:24 pm

LOS ANGELES: October 28, 1:24 pm

PERTH: October 29, 4:24 am




The lunar eclipse is in a few days, taking centre stage in the sky with the full moon in Taurus. It’s the curtain call of a series of Taurus eclipses that started in November 2021.


Transport your mind back to that time. What was unfolding in your life? With Taurus being connected to Venus, maybe your stories from then revolve around love, loyalty or money.


On the financial front, eclipses often act as cosmic reset buttons.


Maybe you made a crucial economic decision or embarked on a new business venture. The eclipse could amplify the effects of those choices, ushering in prosperity or highlighting areas that need a fresh approach. If investments were made, now might be when they bear fruit, or you realise it’s time for a new strategy.


This North Node eclipse is about forward motion. It’s not so much a trip down memory lane but a gaze towards what’s next.


Zooming into the present, this Taurus eclipse is tying up narratives from the past couple of years. Clarity is just around the corner if you’ve been in a contemplative space about relationships or teetering on the precipice of a new love story. Major moves, like separations or solidifying commitment, are on the cards.


But there’s more. The October lunar eclipse isn’t just a spectacle in the sky; it asks you to reflect on the wisdom you’ve gained since November 2021. And if learning to trust was a challenge or a major financial shift was on the horizon back then, the answer might become clearer once the eclipse dust settles in two weeks.


As this Taurus eclipse chapter closes, it’s worth taking stock. Weigh up the challenges and triumphs, especially those concerning love, loyalty, and finances. It’s been a journey, and here you are, looking at the end of one chapter and the start of another. Here’s your chance to take what you’ve learned along the way and commit to doing it better the next time around.

By Natasha Weber aka AstroTash


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