ARIES Venus, the planet of love, is quietly making it’s way through your zone of relaxation, creating the perfect excuse to put your feet up and be pampered by your partner. Indulging in a candlelit bubble bath together or giving each other a massage with scented oils, would be an ideal way to show some love. Serious Saturn is culminating in your chart, inspiring deeper commitment in an existing relationship. Many will put a ring on it this Valentine’s Day. However, with the affects of the recent Eclipse lingering, be sure of what you are signing up for. You have a tendency to rush into things with robust enthusiasm, only to later regret hasty decisions. If in doubt, take your time to consider all options before you leap. Compatibility: Your bold and passionate love style resonates with your fire-sign tribe. Leo, Sagittarius and Aries appreciate your lusty sex drive and high octane energy. Whilst Libra, Cancer and Capricorn dull your vibe and think you are a bossy boots!

TAURUS The Moon encourages you to abandon your usual strict standards and throw caution to the wind. Given that you are the one that all your friends turn to for practical advice, this Valentine’s Day may rock your steady foundations. Singles connect with exciting, unconventional types that are expert at using conversation as foreplay. Those in committed relationships explore the art of seduction in the bedroom. Mars heats up your zone of sexuality until mid March, attracting more interest from the opposite sex than you are comfortable with. Enjoy wild pleasures and release your inhibitions. Reach for the whipped cream and make this Valentine’s Day one to remember. Compatibility: Your steadfastness and down-to-earth love style resonates with your earth-sign tribe. Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus appreciate your loyalty and earthy sensuality. Whilst Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius find you stubborn and too boring for their quirky tastes.

GEMINI With Venus culminating in a position of prominence, love mixes with luxury on Valentine’s Day. Fine dinning, champagne and glamorous company are all tantalising options on the menu. A delicious flirtation is to be savoured. Take your time, leaving them wanting more. Gemini is an air sign and with so many planets currently hanging out in this breezy element, your Valentine date won’t be short on sparkling conversation and interesting topics of discussion. You could talk underwater, Gemini, so aim to maintain a little mystery. One word of caution; Mars is travelling through your zone of relationships and whilst the red planet adds passion, it can also ignite a war of words. Compatibility: Your quick wit and flirtatious love style resonates with your air-sign tribe. Libra, Aquarius and Gemini can keep up with your fast mental pace and just get you! Whilst Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces see you as a superficial town gossip.

CANCER Responsible Saturn’s presence in your relationship zone inspires you to take a leap of faith. You may decide to move in with your lover, become exclusive or go public with the status of your relationship. Other Cancers could be negotiating a break-up. If you do chose to go your separate ways, it’s probably something that been on your mind for ages, so the spilt won’t come as a surprise to you. Venus, the planet of love, tantalises your zone of international connections, encouraging a sexy foreigner to sweep you off your feet! If your bank balances allows, book a flight today! Compatibility Your romantic and nurturing love style resonates with your water-sign tribe. Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer understand your sentimental feels. Whilst Capricorn, Aries and Libra are uncomfortable with your depth of emotion and tendency to be clingy.

LEO The Moon serenades your relationship zone on Valentine’s Day, highlighting true love. Celebrate in a unique and unconventional way. Bypass the predictable candlelit dinner in favour of a hot air balloon ride, a road trip to nowhere or brave bungee jumping. Experiencing the exhilaration of uncharted territory will draw you closer together and forging new memories will strength emotional bonds. Mercury, the planet of communication, brings plenty of lively conversation, helping you feel understood and connected. Singles dating someone with a significant age gap should remember that following your own heart is all that really matters. Compatibility Your flamboyant and affectionate love style resonates with your fire-sign tribe. Sagittarius, Aries and Leo appreciate your magnetic personality and warm, generous heart. Whilst Aquarius, Taurus and Scorpio just think you are a drama queen.

VIRGO This Valentine’s Day glows with the presence of the romantic Moon in your work zone, implying that you could bump into ‘the one’ during your everyday routine. Anonymous love notes in your inbox come from a coworker, employee or someone that you see on a regular basis. Schedule a lunch date that lovingly lingers into the evening hours over a cheese platter and an organic vino. No nonsense Virgos prefer to dash away from their desk for a quickie. Venus encourages those of you that are settled, to open your heart and share your inner-most thoughts. Don’t hold back. Dream big together! Compatibility Your pragmatic and attentive love style resonates with your earth-sign tribe. Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo share your values and appreciation of tactile pleasures. Whilst Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius drive you crazy with their incessant ramblings and tardy time management.

LIBRA Mars heats up your travel zone, enticing you on a romantic weekend away with your beloved. A cosy bed and breakfast in the hills or a trip down the coast adds extra oomph to your existing relationship or lights the spark of a new connection. Your love zone is jam-packed with planets, adding plenty of action and intensity. Make fun a playful priority and release inhibitions, if you want to get someone’s attention. You certainly won’t go unnoticed. Not interested in Valentine Day? Then celebrate your freedom in goddess-style with your squad. Compatibility Your sophisticated and charming love style resonates with your air-sign tribe. Gemini, Aquarius and Libra connect with you on every level; mentally, emotionally and physically. Whilst Aries, Cancer and and Capricorn throw you off balance and are driven mad by your inability to make a firm decision.

SCORPIO Jupiter’s presence in your sign, makes for an extravagant Valentine’s Day celebration. Whatever you do, make it big! Like a moth to a flame, you attract plenty of lusty admirers. But you are nobody’s fool and can quickly weed out those only interested in your sweet caresses. An evening spent near the ocean, either sailing or walking hand-in-hand along the beach would be an ideal way to reconnect with your partner or get to know someone new and mysterious. Speaking of mystery, there is someone in the background that has their eye on you but shyness has kept them from coming forward. And what Scorpio doesn’t get turned on by a bit of intrigue? Compatibility Your hypnotic and sexy love style resonates with your water-sign tribe. Cancer, Pisces and other Scorpios understand your depth and range of emotion. Whilst your intensity gets Taurus, Leo and Aquarius running in the opposite direction.

SAGITTARIUS Mars, the planet that rules sexuality, lights up your sign, showcasing your hotness. A night that begins with fancy cocktails and ends on the dance floor, would suit your magnetic mood. However, with Venus in your zone of home and family, happily partnered Saggies prefer to settle in for the night, enjoying a quiet dinner and getting cosy on the couch. The Moon travelling through your zone of information may bring news of an old flame or current lover. Skype calls will have to suffice for those enduring long distance love this Valentine’s Day. Compatibility Your adventurous and enthusiastic love style resonates with your fire-sign tribe. Aries, Leo and other Sagittarius share your zest for life, adoring your optimism and get-up-and-go. Whilst Gemini, Virgo and Pisces are turned off by your demand for freedom, wanting more than you are prepared to give.

CAPRICORN If anyone was going to think of Valentine’s Day as a load of overly commercialised rubbish, it would you be you, Capricorn. Your classic and conservative approach to love can be reserved and oh so cautious. But this year, Cupid has hit his mark and you want to be spoilt a little. After all, you deserve it, right? But ask yourself; is it important to be made a fuss of with flowers, fine dinning and romantic notes or is spending time with someone who really cares, even though they don’t show it in flamboyant ways, enough? I think you already know the answer. Compatibility You have a no-nonsense and dignified love style that resonates with your earth-sign tribe. Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn understand your measured approach and high level of commitment to making a relationship work. Whilst Cancer, Libra and Aries find your lofty expectations too arrogant for their tastes.

AQUARIUS With so many planets making their presence felt in your sign, there are many exciting opportunities to connect with an interesting and diverse selection of potential mates. Some may turn out to be nothing more than a fling. But that’s ok, provided you are brutally honest about your expectations and where the other person stands. Elevating a platonic relationship to the next level, may ruin a friendship that you hold dear. Taken Aquarians enjoy an evening of romance, celebrating the simple things in life. It doesn’t have to be an outrageously expensive exercise to show someone how important they are to you. Compatibility You have a unique and electric love-style that resonates with your air-sign tribe. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius appreciate your intelligence and humanitarian compassion. Whilst you are too emotionally cool for Leo, Taurus and Scorpio. And they just don’t get your need for space.

PISCES Valentine’s Day is set to be awash with emotion, when the Moon enters your subconscious zone. A message that comes to you in a dream has special meaning and is trying to tell you something important. Is an old flame plaguing you or is past love on your mind? Valentine’s Day provides an opportunity to speak up and purge hurt feelings. Don’t allow negative thoughts and emotions to fester. Venus glows in your sign, inspiring love with someone new or rekindling romance in an existing relationship. Show some self love too. Don’t be afraid to try out a new look and invest in your physical appearance. You will feel fantastic if you do! Compatibility Your deeply compassionate love style resonates with your water-sign tribe. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces adore your dreamy, gentle nature. Whilst Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius think you are an overly sensitive cry-baby.


By Natasha Weber @astrotash


Written for myBody+Soul


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