Jupiter in Scorpio – How Will Your Zodiac Sign Be Lucky?

Jupiter moves into a new Zodiac sign only once every 12 years. And this year on 10th October, Jupiter enters Scorpio, where it remains for the next 13 months.

Jupiter represents abundance, growth and good fortune, so the Zodiac sign it hangs out in receives a boost. However, it’s not just Scorpios that stand to benefit. Everyone has Scorpio somewhere in their horoscope. Therefore, there is one particular area of life represented by Scorpio for each of us. And this part of our world is due for an injection of luck!

Jupiter’s migration into deep, dark, mysterious Scorpio brings optimism and opportunity. Whilst the zone that Scorpio represents in our horoscope can attract heavy and intense experiences, Jupiter will light up this area with greater joy, prosperity and protection.

Given that Scorpio rules secrets, you can bet that any hidden information will be blasted out into the open over the next 13 months. You could find out more brutal truths than you bargained for. Ultimately, whatever is exposed, will have a positive outcome because Jupiter’s goal is to bring justice and lessons that assist in personal evolution.

So what area of life will be affected for you? Where will Jupiter lend a helping hand? Locate your Sun sign below to find out. If you know your Ascendant sign, make sure you read that too.


ARIES: money, sexuality, inheritances, personal transformation

TAURUS: your significant other, business partnerships, contracts, enemies

GEMINI: physical health, daily routine, work life, peers

CANCER: love, children, a creative project, big presentations, pleasure

LEO: home, family, endings, real estate, hereditary factors

VIRGO: social media, communication, short trips, siblings, new information

LIBRA: cash flow, resources, morals, possessions, self worth

SCORPIO: physical body, appearance, actualising your potential, personality

SAGITTARIUS: rest, soul mates, reflection, mental health, karma

CAPRICORN: friendships, networking, hopes and wishes, large organisations

AQUARIUS: career, professional goals, life direction, status, responsibilities

PISCES: travel, education, in-laws, foreign connections, understanding why


By Natasha Weber @astrotash



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