If you’re not already feeling a change brewing, then July looks set to shake things up with not one, but two eclipses! The first is a solar eclipse, occurring in sentimental Cancer, the zodiac sign that typically represents home and family. And the second is a lunar eclipse, gliding into cool, independent Aquarius on July 28. Expect an emotional kickback if you’ve been feeling restrained or fenced in on the home-front. Many mums will demand more quality “me time” whilst looking to have their contributions acknowledged and appreciated. For parents, July spotlights well-being through striking a proper balance between attending to children’s needs verses prioritising self-care. Mercury hits the brakes, reversing through the heavens for it’s second retrograde in 2018. Make sure you backup your computers, double check the fine print and hold off from purchasing new technology devices and machinery. The Sun’s dance with Neptune supports those that fill their own cups before pouring for others. If left unchecked, Mars retrograde has the potential to get under our skin and light a fire of feelings. The good news is that July’s grand trine between Jupiter, the Sun and Neptune can assist in counteracting minor frustrations by focusing on life’s little blessings.

ARIES Over zealous antics may cause some minor scrapes, bumps and bruises when Mars opposes Mercury in early July. Have the band-aids ready, but just as soon as you have nursed your child’s wound, their tears will dry and they will be all smiles again. Curb excess sugar intake as this will only fuel manic behaviour and interfere with concentration. A long awaited pregnancy may finally be realised when Venus graces your zone of children. For Aries parents, a romantic date night reignites the spark.

TAURUS Uranus, the planet of revolution, has settled into your sign. If you have been shouldering more than your fair share of responsibility perhaps it’s time your partner pitched in more? Don’t be afraid to stand your ground, Taurus. You might be surprised by your family’s willingness to share the load, when you find the courage to ask for what you want. Mercury’s presence in your home sector, inspires a family gathering of epic proportions this month. Adopting a pet brings joy when Venus enters your 6th house on July 22.

GEMINI Ceres, the ultimate “mother” asteroid is travelling through your home sector, bringing up the issue of nurturing. Whilst you feel compelled to lavish your little one with praise and attention, don’t be tempted to be a helicopter parent. The Universe reminds you that standing back and allowing your child to learn from their own mistakes is sometimes the most loving thing a parent can do. Encourage your little Picasso to tap into their artistic gifts with art and craft activities and watch their creative sparks fly!

CANCER Growing your family tree is on the cards this month, when Jupiter, the planet of abundance, makes its presence felt in your chart. If you’ve been considering adoption, IVF or surrogacy, the lucky planet brings good news. Make sure your partner is on the same page when it comes to moving forward with common goals. Recharging your batteries before embarking on a new adventure reaps the best results but Saturn warns you not to sign up for anything without having the full support of your family.

LEO Little Leo cubs celebrate a birthday over the next month and the Sun’s link to electric Uranus ensures this will be a party to remember! Prepare for the unexpected and plenty of high octane energy on the day. Leo parents are urged to celebrate an important milestone in style. Impress your partner by throwing them a surprise party. In time, your thoughtful gesture will be remembered and repaid tenfold. Making time for fun and games this month, is the key to family togetherness and bonding.

VIRGO Virgo parents may be required to show some tough love this month. Saturn asks that you adhere to boundaries amongst the tantrums. The way to go is to teach your child self-discipline by leading with your own example. Ditch the guilt and stand strong, Virgo! Single parents doing it tough are advised to accept extra support without hesitation when Venus and Jupiter connect on July 22. Encourage your little one to take on an extra curricular activity that they show talent in, and watch them flourish with self-confidence.

LIBRA Mars retrograde throws you into awkward playground politics. Try to remain objective even if you want to jump to the defence of your own child. It’s not worth alienating teachers or other parents who can see the situation more clearly than you realise. You may unintentionally aggravate the situation rather than resolving what began as a trivial matter in the first place. Venus inspires you to reconnect with long-lost family members. Organising a casual gathering should do the trick but don’t be surprised if a tug-of-war ensues. Saturn advises you to stay out of the line of fire.

SCORPIO They say it takes a village to raise a child and with Jupiter’s magnanimous presence in your sign, you attract ample support in July.  A special visit from a beloved aunt, cousin or neighbour touches your heart. Create space in your busy schedule for grandparents and avoid misinterpreting their well intended advice as interference. Saturn asks you to acknowledge their wisdom by practising patience and gratitude. Get amongst nature if Mars retrograde fuels arguments. A trip to the park, zoo or digging in the garden will quickly restore family harmony.

SAGITTARIUS Jupiter is gracing your zone of rejuvenation and relaxation, which is great news for Saggie parents! Make the most of this planetary blessing by taking some well-deserved time out. Yoga, meditation or a simple walk by the ocean quickly restores your zen, returning you to your family with a spring in your step. In fact, anything that reinstates your sense of calm has been pre-approved by the Universe, so go for it! Introducing children to beautiful, age appropriate angel cards teaches them to trust their intuition.

CAPRICORN July’s stellar planetary line up, involving Neptune, the Sun and Jupiter, invites you to experience wanderlust with your loved ones. Escape on a vacation that creates happy memories and quality time together. If you are not already packing your bags, jump online and research your itinerary for future travel. Dream of distant lands and foreign cultures, as these experiences are the best education you can give to your children. Release family tension caused by Mars retrograde, by getting involved in a competitive sport or any high energy activity that gets your sweat on.

AQUARIUS This month’s total lunar eclipse on July 28 breaks old traditions whilst introducing a new phase into your family’s routine. You may decide to cut down on junk food and insist on healthy lunchbox snacks from now on, or perhaps you put your foot down by restricting technology usage. Either way, July brings commitment towards a healthier lifestyle that involves teamwork. Getting children involved in chores around the house will help burn off excess energy. Valuable connections and inroads are likely when you volunteer to help out at your local community centre or school fete.

PISCES July’s solar eclipse highlights your sector of children. Vital information is often obscured at the time of an eclipse so you are advised to hold off from making firm decisions or moving forward with new projects until August. The same goes for a problem or concern involving a child. Don’t waste your energy worrying as you may find that facts received at the time, turn out to be incorrect and an unforeseen resolution presents itself at a later stage. Pisces children are little social butterflies this month, enjoying popularity with a plethora of party invitations.

By Natasha Weber @ASTROTASH


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