SYDNEY: 5:48 am, March 29th
NEW YORK: 1:48 pm, March 28th
LONDON: 6:48 pm, March 28th

This full moon focuses on relationships, especially those of a romantic nature. Connections with female friends can also be included in this Luna interpretation.

For the first and final time this year, the Moon is full in the sign of the Scales. And what do scales do? They constantly seek to balance – to find that sweet spot in between up and down, yin and yang, love and indifference.

During this full Moon, you may feel like you’re on a seesaw that’s unable to stop, trying to find a moment of peace in that perfect horizontal position between two extremes. Sound familiar? Perhaps you’re riding an emotional relationship roller-coaster, where one minute you’re getting along and the next you’re fighting like cats and dogs. Or, your dating life could be making your head spin when over and over again, you think you’ve found the perfect match, only to find he (or she) falls way too short off the mark. On the friendship front, besties can run hot and cold during this full Moon too.

Mercury and Neptune throws confusion into the mix. Talking things over is likely to end in further confusion! And, volatile Mars in Gemini may land you in the middle of a big fat argument before you even realise you’re having a disagreement.

So, how can you find the calm amongst the storm? The Sun and Venus in opposition to the Moon light the way out of the fog. These two cosmic beauties ask you to remember what drew you together in the first place. In the case of friendship, focus on your mutual interests and common goals. When it comes to love, if ever there was a time to reignite passion, it’s now! Start by remembering what made you fall for your sweetheart in the first place. Rediscover the foundations of what makes you tick as a team and build from scratch, if you have to.

By Natasha Weber @astrotash