SYDNEY: 2:35 pm, April 6

LONDON: 5:35 am, April 6

NEW YORK: 12:35 am, April 6

LOS ANGELES: 9:35 pm, April 5

PERTH: 12:35 pm, April 6


April’s full Moon in Libra enhances love, romance and authentic connections. This lunation’s planetary ruler, Venus, is in a powerful position in Taurus, the sign it governs. So be open to receiving a truly beautiful interaction, an act of devotion or words of affirmation from your partner or an admirer.


It’s crucial, however, to be mindful that Jupiter is also nearby, which means that although this lunation is primarily positive, it’s important not to overdo things.


Avoid trying to force a relationship that’s not meant to be, and don’t be too persistent if someone you like doesn’t reciprocate your interest.


That’s not to say you should allow a fear of rejection to dictate your actions. Instead, focus on reaffirming how much you deserve love and commitment, and don’t rely on anyone else to validate your self-worth.


Also, thanks to Chiron’s connection, this lunation presents a golden opportunity for healing, forgiveness, and gaining a better understanding of how your past relationships have shaped you.


This isn’t about blaming yourself or others but rather an opportunity to develop greater self-awareness, reflect on your behavioural patterns and understand how your part in a relationship contributed to where you’re at now.


April’s full Moon can also be referred to by its native American name, the pink moon. Its meaning is not linked to western astrology but came about because of its correlation with a blossoming wildflower known as moss phlox. And yet, Libra loves flowers, which goes to show the powerful synergy within our beautiful world.


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