SYDNEY: 6 February, 5:29 am

LONDON: 5 February, 6:29 pm

NEW YORK: 5 February, 1:29 pm

LOS ANGELES: 5 February, 10:29 am

PERTH: 6 February, 2:29 am


This full moon is in Leo, a sign that’s uber confident and courageous; it’s zodiac royalty, after all.


This lunation teaches you to power up your relationships and encourages you to step up to the plate at work and in your professional affairs.


If you’ve been dancing around a new leadership role or you’re hesitant to showcase your talents, this full moon intends to thrust you into the spotlight anyway.


But what if you feel like a fraudster because you doubt your abilities? Well, you can stop right there.


Because this full moon favours champions, leading ladies and heroes – you’ll discover superpowers you never even knew you had.


La Luna screams, “take back your power!” Now is the time to act confidently – do what you say and say what you mean.


This is also a nurturing lunation for parents because it brings a valuable insight into what makes their children tick.


Jupiter’s connection with the asteroid Ceres supports the parenting journey. You’ll feel particularly close to your child, be enlightened on something integral to their development or share a special milestone with them. However this manifests, La Luna points to a heart-warming outcome with a welcome touch of relief.


So, love your kids, friends, family, forever person and your purpose with a big open heart. But mostly, love yourself. Because this Leo full moon nurtures the type of devotion that sprouts from the seeds of self-love.


By Natasha Weber AKA AstroTash


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