SYDNEY: 9:38 pm, July 3

LONDON: 12:38 pm, July 3

NEW YORK: 7:38 am, July 3

LOS ANGELES: 4:38 am, July 3

PERTH: 7:38 pm, July 3



July’s full supermoon glows brightly in the no-nonsense sign of Capricorn. If there was ever a “get things done” energy in the universe, this is it!


Capricorn is that friend who, no matter what, always has a goal, a plan, and the will to get there. They’re the ones who never lose sight of the finish line, even when life throws them curveballs. So, in the spirit of this Capricorn full moon, take a moment to think about your own finish lines.


What’s that big thing you’re working towards this week? How can this “get up and go” Capricorn energy help to supercharge your ambitions and push you towards your goals?


Still, La Luna cautions you to not let this goal-driven vibe turn you into a bulldozer. Remember, reaching your dreams by pushing others out of your way is not okay. You don’t have to step on anyone to climb the ladder of success. Yes, you want to make your mark in the world. But let’s keep it real – what makes you more deserving than the next person hustling just as hard?


This full moon won’t favour one dreamer over another, indiscriminately granting wishes with the wave of a cosmic wand. True success demands more; it insists on a commitment to give 100 per cent of yourself and the determination to navigate your goal with integrity and grit.


And remember, success is not a solitary pursuit; often, it’s the relationships you foster along the way that become the most treasured prizes.


Monday’s full moon is a reminder that shortcuts or shady tactics aren’t the way to go. It’s all about putting in those hours, keeping it clean and being consistent. That’s what’s going to set you apart from the rest


So embrace the grind, even if you’re on your last legs, fed up with failure and not meeting your mark. Because La Luna will applaud your efforts during this lunation if you can hang in there a little longer and push that bit harder. The rewards this full moon brings will feel sweeter if you’ve worked for them, and that lunar takeaway is the real gem this month.


By Natasha Weber aka Astrotash


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