SYDNEY: 10:08 am, January 7

LONDON: 11:08 pm, January 6

NEW YORK: 6:08 pm, January 6

LOS ANGELES: 3:08 pm, January 6

PERTH: 7:08 am, January 7



January’s full Moon is in sensitive Cancer, a zodiac sign highly attuned to La Luna’s phases.


Emotions will likely run hot during this lunation, which faces off with Mercury retrograde. And this cosmic mix equals slips of the tongue, off-the-cuff remarks and conversation misfires.


So, if someone takes a dig at you or you’re feeling emotionally exposed and raw, I promise you’re not alone.


You might feel the desire to withdraw from the world. Or maybe you’re just craving a little personal space. That’s because the Crab will hide out in its protective shell if it’s feeling super sensitive, threatened or vulnerable.


But even if your emotional wounds are still fresh, stop to examine what was said before retreating into your shell. Why? Because a fully lit moon brings illuminated insights, which turn insensitive remarks into an opportunity for self-reflection and healing.


This full Moon highlights safety and security; in your relationships, job, finances and environment.


Can you safely voice your opinions and feelings without being perceived as an emotional hot mess?


Do you feel bullied by a friend or intimidated by your boss?


Maybe your financial circumstances are creating uncertainty and a fear of the future.


If you’ve answered, “hell yeah!” to one of the above, there’s something else you should know about January’s full Moon. While Cancer is a caring, sensitive and empathetic water sign, it’s also a cardinal sign, which gives this gentle Crab inner strength and resilience that’s topnotch.


So, acknowledge the fear or hurt and rise to the occasion, darling. Because the Universe never dishes up anything you can’t handle. And while La Luna may poke your wounds, it also gives you the strength to face, conquer and heal them.


By Natasha Weber aka AstroTash



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