​SYDNEY: 8:09 am, October 14

​NEW YORK: 5:09 am, October 13

​LONDON: 10:09 am, October 13

​October’s full moon is in feisty Aries. Being the first sign of the zodiac, Aries likes to be numero uno, and as such, many of you may be feeling a sense of urgency or a calling to prioritise yourself. Addressing your own needs seems paramount now. After all, you are the centre of your own Universe, and self-love is the biggest trend to hit 2019. Right?

​Well, not exactly. There does seem to be another side to this story which is asking more of you than just self-consideration. It’s not that I’m knocking self-love, trust me, I’m a huge advocate! The problem lies in using this positive concept to excuse egocentrism.


Mars rules over this full moon, and as the red planet is currently traveling through Libra, the sign of all things fair and equal, a focus of an opposing nature comes into play. Mars in Libra demands balance in all our relationships. He won’t stand for selfishness, arrogance or self-absorption.

​At the extreme end of the spectrum, narcissists hiding behind self-love may find themselves called out during this lunar phase. For all the empaths reading this, you’ve probably already run into a narcissist or two in your time, so this full moon could help you to recognise the pattern.


​So here’s the takeaway message; self-love is grand when it’s in proportion to compassion. Find the sweet spot between the Aries/Libra see-saw of give/take, self/other, and autonomy/teamwork, and you’ll get the recipe for a healthy relationship just right.


By Natasha Weber @astrotash