​SYDNEY: 10:30 pm, August 15th

​NEW YORK: 8:30 am, August 15th

​LONDON: 1:30 pm, August 15th

​This full Moon in Aquarius is very much about self versus others. Striking the right balance between how much you give of yourself, in all your relationships, is key.

​With the Sun, Venus, Mars, and Mercury all placed in generous Leo, there is the tendency to offer our love, services, time or money, without limitation. Whether it’s a new relationship, work commitment, a friend in need or a desperate relative, you may be tempted to jump in hook-line-and-sinker without a thought for your own well-being, ending up completely drained. How much do you honestly have to give away without receiving much, if anything, in return? I’m not talking about tit-for-tat, but even the most loving interactions deserve a fair exchange of mutual benefits.

​Love with your whole heart and share generously, by all means. Just make sure there’s enough leftover at the end of the day for your precious self.


By NATASHA WEBER @astrotash


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