SYDNEY: 1:58 am, August 4

NEW YORK: 11:58 am, August 3

LONDON: 4:58 pm, August 3


The collective versus the individual. Freedom versus restraint.


La Luna is at her ripest in Aquarius, the sign that governs establishments, groups and organisations. The Water-Bearer sign also rules over the communities to which we belong, small and large. So then, during this full Moon, your attention will be drawn to a particular group and how you fit in. You may ask yourself, ‘what’s my role in society, how do I integrate, and what level of responsibility is mine to carry?’


The personal part you play in the whole scheme of things comes into focus, thanks to the Sun’s connection with La Luna. Le Soleil is in Leo, and Leo is concerned with ego. Yet, this isn’t about being narcissistic. Instead, it’s about functioning correctly within your circles, in a way that looks after your needs too.


The themes surrounding August’s full Moon can be viewed on a large scale or on a more personal level. Or, both. On the one hand, you may be lamenting a loss or setback. Perhaps you feel unfairly done by, having been laid off from work or discriminated against by a large corporation, government or small business. On the other hand, you may be trying to figure out your place amongst a new family dynamic or friendship group. How you go about successful business networking could be highlighted too.


​The issue of freedom comes into play with this Aquarian full Moon too. Freedom of speech, freedom of movement and freedom of thought. Respecting the diverse actions and opinions of others is paramount. Those experiencing restrictions to their personal freedom can take comfort in knowing that this too shall pass, with compassion highlighted during the next full Moon, in Pisces.

The most important thing to remember is to honour yourself while taking into account the needs of others. Whether that be the community at large or your inner circle. As the Moon in Aquarius directly opposes the Sun in Leo, the cosmos is asking us all to strike the proper balance between self-interest and our social conscience coupled with compassion for our fellow humans.


Those most affected by this full Moon, as described above, are Aquarians, Leos, Taureans and Scorpios. Plus, if your Sun or Moon sign is between 6 and 16 degrees, you’ll be feeling this most powerfully.


By Natasha Weber @astrotash