Astrology and knowing your birth chart can actually help you become healthier!

Your 6th house relates to health and well-being, so when the moon is visiting there, it makes sense to maximise La Luna’s influence by focusing on your well-being.

​One of the best ways to ensure our cells are functioning optimally is to rid the body of toxins. A short detox can work wonders by flushing out nasties and giving your vital organs a break.

The accompanying photo to this blog, is of me in Bali (ironically, at the Tirta Empul: Bali’s sacred pool of purification) before I became seriously ill with an unknown infection. Long story short, I was hospitalised and then bed-ridden for 2 months. It’s been a long road back to good health, but I am grateful for every single day that I get to experience life and all of the beautiful souls I am lucky enough to connect with.

​I recently did a 3-day juice fast. Specifically, a liver cleanse, with the first juice of the day being straight-up celery juice. The end result was that I felt renewed from the inside out, lighter, brighter and less lethargic. The moon was traveling through my 6th house at the time, giving me the impetus I needed to consume nothing but juice for that period. Not easy for this Sagittarius Ascendant – I love my rich foods! But I can honestly say, it was totally worth it and I’m planning another detox soon.

How can you work out when the moon is moving through your 6th house? Check out the zodiac sign that rules your 6th house (free birth chart from my website. Link in bio) and when the moon is in that sign, which is approximately once a month, you’re good to go!

​PS: A 12th house cosmic activation or a full moon is also a fantastic time to detox, but more on that later…



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