Cancer, the nurturing Crab of the zodiac, is an emotional softie on the outside, but don’t be fooled, it also symbolizes tenacity, inner strength, and resilience. Expect these empowering qualities to seep into your everyday life over the next four weeks, regardless of your personal star sign.

Family connections may move to the forefront of your thoughts. If distance separates you from a loved one, now might be the perfect moment to plan a heartfelt reunion, even if it means venturing across vast oceans.

Cancer season also ushers in the winter solstice for those in the southern hemisphere, symbolising the Sun’s rebirth and rejuvenation as you wave goodbye to the winter darkness in readiness to embrace lighter, brighter days ahead. While in the Northern hemisphere, Cancer season marks the start of the summer solstice – a period of reflection, withdrawal and winding down.

The winter solstice stirs you from your seasonal slumber, be it mental, emotional, or physical. And as your energy begins to surge, you might find the zest to undertake a long-neglected project or reignite an ambition that’s been on standby.

Relationships might also come under the spotlight during the heightened emotional landscape of Cancer season. The season could bring newfound courage to address an ongoing issue, fostering optimism and creating positive developments by forging deeper connections.

Think of Cancer season metaphorically as the glorious sunrise after a long, cold night,

Now is the time to kick the darkness to the curb and let in the light – not just the literal sunlight, but also the illuminating light within you. Lift your gaze to the skies, welcoming a renewed sense of hope and the burgeoning potential that Cancer season promises.


By Natasha Weber aka Astrotash


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