A black moon simply refers to the second new moon in a calendar month. This is a rare event considering that each month there is one lunar cycle, which usually includes only one new and full moon. So, from an astrological perspective, what can each of us expect?

This black moon is surrounded by planets in earthy Virgo. The vibe is softer and more forgiving, or at least it’s urging us to go a little easier on ourselves and others. Pluto and Saturn are hanging out with the Dragon’s Tail, rehashing some stuff from the past. You may think that you’ve moved on, but have you really? Ensure that you’ve done the work. Clear the air, finalise emotional closure and if necessary, set the record straight. But do so gently.

If sensitivity isn’t your most reliable quality. Try putting yourself in another person’s shoes. Alternatively, you may need to pack away an old dream or let go of an ambition that has failed to come to fruition. It’s vital to be kind to yourself. Mercury is lounging in the Sun’s shadow, encouraging you to go within and reflect. Emerge with a deeper appreciation of your efforts and an understanding that not everything always works out the way we hope, which is totally okay. Release the need for perfection and trust that it’s onwards and upwards from here. Be your own best friend.

Find your zodiac sign below to discover the specific area of life where this black moon is asking you to go a little easier on yourself (or someone else). If you know your Ascendant, read that sign too.

​ARIES health, routine, work

​TAURUS love, children, creativity

​GEMINI home, family, property

​CANCER siblings, associates, study

​LEO money, values, possessions

​VIRGO body image, childhood, your outlook on life

​LIBRA loneliness, agendas, soul mates

​SCORPIO friendships, hopes and wishes, organisations

​SAGITTARIUS career, main goals in life, parents

​CAPRICORN foreign connections, travel, education

​AQUARIUS personal transformation, intimacy, changes

​PISCES relationships of all kinds, legal affairs


By Natasha Weber @astrotash


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