Born: 12:00 pm, 19 March 1952, Flushing, New York

Scandal has rocked Hollywood over alleged rape and sexual assault charges against Academy Award winning film producer, Harvey Weinstein.

Weinstein is a Pisces, which is a zodiac sign normally aligned with sensitivity, compassion and gentleness. However, delving into Weinstein’s horoscope more deeply, uncovers potential indicators of perversion and the misuse of power.

In Weinstein’s horoscope, Pluto challenges Mars. It is commonly known amongst astrologers that this planetary duo can indicate cruelty, sexual assault and coercion. In addition, Pluto is in Leo, the sign of power and status, whilst Mars in Scorpio rules sexuality, manipulation and compulsion.

If Weinstein chose to express the negative version of this astrological combination, it must be said that not everyone with a challenging Pluto in Leo or Mars in Scorpio will exhibit similar behaviour as Weinstein. So, we must find further evidence in his horoscope.

Weinstein’s Sun in 29 degrees of Pisces connects with the malefic fixed star Scheat. Having a nasty reputation in astrology, Scheat is notoriously associated with emotional drowning, self destruction and victimisation. The one redeeming quality of this star is that it is highly artistic. This would explain Weinstein’s creative vision and success in the illusive film industry.

At the time of his spectacular downfall, Weinstein had the North Node triggering his natal Pluto and Mars. Astrologically, this denotes karmic reaping associated with sexual misconduct and abuse of power. Additionally, Jupiter was making a difficult connection with Weinstein’s natal Sun. Although Jupiter represents benefactors, protection and generosity, the harsh link with Weinstein’s Sun reveals that his luck and protection finally ran out when Weinstein’s powerful alliances choose to sever their ties with him. Ultimately, forcing a disgraced exit from an industry where the uber powerful studio executive once regained supreme.

Note: A noon time was calculated for Weinstein’s chart as his exact time of birth is unknown.

By Natasha Weber @astrotash 


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