If you are born in between two zodiac signs, you may refer to yourself as ‘being born on the cusp’. But what does this actually mean and how does this effect your personality?

The Sun travels through each zodiac sign for one month, shifting from one sign to the next on a particular day each month. However, this date is not set in stone and can change by a day on either side, depending on the Sun’s movements each year. This explains why some Sun sign columns list differing dates for the same zodiac sign. The Sun can be in transition between two signs for up to 12 hours but to truly be on the cusp you would have to be born at zero degrees of a sign, which is the end point of one sign and the beginning of another.

Provided you are not born smack bang in the middle of two zodiac signs, at zero degrees, it’s best to have your birth chart calculated for your particular date and year. Your birth chart will then determine exactly which sign and degree the Sun was in on your birthday. It’s not possible to have two Sun signs but if you are born at zero degrees then you would possess a blend of both zodiac sign traits.

In astrology, your Sun sign represents your basic character, ego and how you wish to shine your light into the world. Therefore, if you were on the cusp, these themes may reflect some or all of the traits of both signs. However, its important to consider the birth chart in it’s entirety in order to accurately interpret a personality.

By Natasha Weber @astrotash


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