SYDNEY: 2:37 pm, June 18

LONDON: 5:37 am, June 18

NEW YORK: 12:37 am, June 18

LOS ANGELES: 9:37 pm, June 17

PERTH: 12:37 pm, June 18

Think of this Gemini new Moon as a breath of fresh air in your life’s journey, a moment to dust off your dreams and set your sights on new goals, and maybe ditch a bad habit or two. This lunation is like a coach giving you a pep talk before a big game, pushing you to try something new, switch up your routine, and go for gold.

But then Neptune steps into the picture, and when Neptune’s at play, things can get a little tricky. This planet has a knack for making everything feel surreal and less defined, like trying to navigate through your house with the lights off – you know the way, but everything feels different.

That’s why it’s crucial to stay focused during this lunation – keep your sights firmly set on that new horizon. Figure out where you want to go and how you’re going to get there. Because with Neptune’s influence making everything a bit fuzzy, keeping a clear head is as essential as having a flashlight in the dark.

Still, there’s an upside to Neptune’s haze, which adds a touch of romance and creativity, giving you that sense of excitement and anticipation when starting a new project or planning a date with someone who gives you tummy flips.

Plus, you have Gemini, the zodiac’s ultimate conversationalist, backing you up. Think of the Twins as your best friend during this new Moon, helping you make healthy connections, convey your great ideas and engage in meaningful, productive conversations.

Navigating the contradictory energies of this new Moon may be challenging. But, with focus, creativity, and Gemini’s communication prowess, it’s still an excellent time to chase new aspirations and spark meaningful dialogue. Just remember to stay centred and focused amid Neptune’s fog.


By Natasha Weber aka @astrotash


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