SYDNEY: 1:42 pm, June 4

NEW YORK: 11:42 pm, June 3

LONDON: 4:42 am, Jun 4

LOS ANGELES: 8:42 pm, June 3

PERTH: 11:42 am, June 4



Consider the full moon in Sagittarius as a cosmic GPS to set you on a new path. You know how sometimes you believe something with all your heart, but then you grow, learn, and wonder if you were wrong all along? La Luna is shining a spotlight on those shifts, asking you to dig into your beliefs and see what fits and doesn’t.


Think of it like clearing out your mental wardrobe. Some of those old beliefs are like the clothes you’ve outgrown or the ones that just aren’t your style anymore. They served a purpose once, but now they don’t. And that’s okay.


La Luna encourages you to let them go, to create space for the new.


But here’s the thing: The moon can provide the light, but you’ve got to do the sorting. You need to put in the hard work and take a good, long look at your beliefs. Figure out which ones elevate you, make you feel good about yourself, and align with who you want to be.


This isn’t just about ditching the old, though. It’s about embracing the new. As you’ve grown, you’ve learnt some valuable lessons. La Luna urges you to use those lessons to fuel your growth and help you become the best version of yourself.


Under this Sagittarius moon, you have the power to manifest a life that aligns with your personal ethos. As you shed old beliefs and embrace the new, you set the stage for a future where your actions echo your true moral compass, marking a vital turning point in your life’s journey.


You are not just changing; you are elevating.


By Natasha Weber aka Astrotash


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