SYDNEY: 1:49 am, November 1st

NEW YORK: 10:49 am, October 31st

LONDON: 2:49 pm, October 31st


What’s interesting about this full moon is that it’s a blue moon in some parts of the world, and not in others.


Thanks to differing time zones, this full moon occurs on October 31st in America, which is actually November 1st, in some other parts of the world. Here in Australia, this full moon in Taurus will be our first full moon for November, rather than the rare, second full moon of October.


As the definition of a blue moon depends on it being the second full moon in a calendar month, it doesn’t quite cut it as a blue moon everywhere. Australia can expect a blue moon at the end of November, but that’s another story.


So, back to our upcoming full moon, which is in Taurus, no matter what part of the world you live in…


Being in an earth sign, concerned with all that is tangible and real, this full moon highlights money matters, assets and possessions. Interestingly, the presidential election falls a few days shy of the full moon, so it’s no surprise that the economy will be on the tip of everyone’s lips. In fact, finances are likely to be at the forefront of your mind too. How you can make more money and improve your lifestyle, are questions you’ll be wanting answered. Also, Gen Zers will have to get creative about how they’re going to supporting themselves if they’re looking to leave their parent’s nest. And, employment is bound to be a hot topic of conversation whether you’re looking for work or to hire staff.


Money is essential, that’s true; it keeps you safe, protected and fed. Still, it’s crucial during this full moon to recognise what else is of value and appreciate that too. This full moon offers the gift of perspective; allowing you to look at your circumstances from a different angle.


For those doing it tough, it’s helpful to turn to loved ones for support and direction. Because, let’s not forget that Taurus is ruled by Venus, and Venus is all about love. Money comes and goes, but true love is everlasting. The type of unconditional love that a parent has for their child, or the soul mate connection that makes you feel as though you can fly. That shit is real. So, as you work towards building (or rebuilding) financial security, this full moon gives you solace in knowing that love trumps all.


By Natasha Weber @astrotash


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