Time of the Total Solar Eclipse

SYDNEY: 22 August, 4:31 am NEW YORK: 21 August, 2:31 pm LONDON: 21 August, 7:31 pm

The Great American Eclipse is creating a buzz, and for good reason. As the biggest astro event of 2017, this total solar eclipse in dramatic Leo promises a break from the past followed by a dynamic shift in a key area of your life.

Eclipse season is already in full swing, with the lunar eclipse having occurred on 8 August. A lunar eclipse happens during a Full Moon, when the Earth is exactly in between the Sun and the Moon. As the Earth’s shadow is cast onto the Moon, it’s illuminated with a reddish hue and is often referred to as a Blood Moon. But of course, the Moon itself doesn’t actually change colour!

As the lunar eclipse aligned with the South Node (also known as the Dragon’s Tail) something needed to be excreted from your life. A job, relationship or an unhealthy behavioural pattern finally served it’s purpose in the process of your personal evolution. Letting go gracefully is an art but this loss may have stung. The good news is, that with death comes rebirth. And that’s where this total solar eclipse, nicknamed The Great American Eclipse, comes in.

The total solar eclipse occurs during a New Moon, when the Moon’s shadow completely conceals the Sun’s disk, as seen from a certain vantage path on Earth. Light will become dark across the path of totality for approximately 2 minutes.

Millions are expected to flock to the path of totality, which stretches right across the mid states of America, from Oregon to South Carolina.

So, what does this mean astrologically and how does it affect YOU?

Whilst the recent lunar eclipse aligned with the Dragon’s tail (South Node) this solar eclipse lines up with the Dragon’s head (North Node). Meaning that once something has been eliminated from your life, you are ready to embrace new prospects and fresh beginnings. But there’s a catch!

As the light of the Sun is obscured, so to are important facts and details. You may not yet have all the information you need to take the first steps forward. Bide your time and wait two weeks after the eclipse before launching any new ventures and entering into uncharted terrain. The eclipse energy is so powerful, it’s opportunities will last up to 6 months.

How can the total solar eclipse be life changing for you?

The eclipse will occur in 28 degrees of fiery Leo. Anyone with a planet in their birth chart at that degree (give or take 5 degrees), will find the affects most potent. However, if there isn’t a planet to be triggered, the eclipse will still land somewhere in everyone’s birth chart. The key area of life highlighted by this epic eclipse, depends on your Sun sign or Ascendant sign.

Find your sign in the list below to reveal where you will experience a cosmic kick and prepare to embrace your inner lioness.

ARIES – love, fun, children, pleasure

TAURUS – home, family, endings, childhood

GEMINI – communication, studies, siblings, short journeys 

CANCER – cash flow, self worth, what’s important to you, income

LEO – physical body, new beginnings, appearance, personality

VIRGO – hidden agendas, soul mates, talent, rest and recuperation

LIBRA – friendships, networking, dreams for the future, social media

SCORPIO – career, life goals, status, success

SAGITTARIUS – education, travel, foreigners, purpose

CAPRICORN – sex, investments, personal transformation, debts

AQUARIUS – marriage, business partners, relationships, pets

PISCES – health, work, daily routine, service to others


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