SYDNEY: November 13, 8:27 pm

LONDON: 9:27 am, November 13

NEW YORK: 4:27 am, November 13

LOS ANGELES: 1:27 am, November 13

PERTH: 5:27 am, November 13




Under this Scorpio new moon, it’s time to step into unfamiliar territory, especially if there’s a decision you’ve been sitting on. This lunar phase is about embracing change, even if it’s a tad uncomfortable. Remember, growth often blooms at the edges of what and who is already known. And this new moon delivers an open invitation to step outside your comfort zone, with the understanding that success now might look different to what you previously imagined.


Uranus is squaring off with La Luna, defying the status quo. This planet is all about the unexpected and the exhilarating—it’s the wild card in your celestial hand, urging you to play it boldly.


If you find yourself caught in a loop, whether it’s in your personal life, your career, or your financial situation, it’s worth asking: How can I approach this differently? Innovation and improvement often come from a willingness to experiment with new strategies.


The dilemma between sticking with the familiar and venturing into the unknown is a common one. However, if you’re already contemplating change, this new moon can be the confirmation you’re seeking. Change can be daunting, yes, but the rewards of following through with a shift in direction can be huge.


Hanging on to people or situations out of comfort, despite seeing no real benefits, isn’t wisdom—it’s simply resistance to change. If that resonates, this new moon urges you to let go of old patterns, habits, or routines that aren’t bringing you the satisfaction or success you desire.


So don’t let loyalty trap you in a cycle going nowhere. Choose you! Embrace the initial discomfort of new beginnings as the first step on a more fulfilling path. This is about moving forward, not just in a new direction, but towards a more enriching and progressive life.


This new moon invites you to shatter old moulds and interrupt the patterns that have kept you circling the same track. It’s your signal to take a risk, to venture down a path you haven’t walked before.

By Natasha Weber aka AstroTash


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