SYDNEY: 10:32 am, December 13
LONDON: 11:32 pm, December 12
NEW YORK: 6:32 pm, December 12
LOS ANGELES: 3:32 pm, December 12
PERTH: 7:32 am, December 13


December’s new Moon in Sagittarius offers a tune-up for your beliefs by updating your mental software, ensuring everything you believe still works for you, and taking you where you want to go. This lunation asks: Are your current beliefs a strong foundation for the future you’re dreaming of?

Then there’s Mercury’s flip into retrograde, which, let’s face it, often gets a bad rap. But really, it’s hitting the pause button, giving you a chance to think things over. It’s an opportunity to sift through your mental attic – are there beliefs that have been just gathering dust? Are they really helping you move forward, or is it time for a bit of a clean-out?

This is your moment to take a hard look at your personal truths. If you come across ideas that feel outdated or don’t quite fit who you are, it’s the perfect time to rethink and reshape them. It’s all about ensuring your beliefs are your stepping stones, not stumbling blocks, on the path to your best future.

Check your convictions. Are they coming from a fresh, present-day perspective, or are they hand-me-downs from an older, less enlightened version of you? La Luna invites you to redefine these ideals, making them more evolved and in sync with the person you’re growing into.

This isn’t just about deep thinking; it’s about creating real change. Sagittarius is an action-oriented fire sign, after all. This new moon wants to broaden your mental horizons, expand your perceptions, and adopt updated beliefs that are as evolved and dynamic as you are. It’s a chance to revamp your outlook in a way that powers your personal growth and your results in your everyday existence, too.

By Natasha Weber aka AstroTash


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