SYDNEY: 10:38 pm, June 6

LONDON: 1:38 pm, June 6

NEW YORK: 8:38 am, June 6

LOS ANGELES: 5:38 am, June 6

PERTH: 8:38 pm, June 6


The astrology of June’s Gemini new Moon energy is electric, amplified by an intense planetary bonanza in the sign of the communicative Twins. With Mercury and Jupiter also in the mix, your mind will be buzzing with a host of expansive ideas. Conversations flow effortlessly during this lunation, paving the way for dynamic exchanges and actionable solutions. Additionally, this is an opportune moment for sealing professional deals—signing contracts and negotiating the finer details are favoured under this influential celestial alignment.


If the mind-whirl feels like too much, there’s a simple remedy: write it down. Whether it’s journaling or sketching out plans, Mercury, the communication powerhouse, encourages putting thoughts to paper, which can help you sort through the mental clutter.


Yet, beyond the cerebral boom, there’s a profound need to be loved and appreciated for who you are at your core during this new Moon. La Luna invites you to tap into your emotional centre, thanks to Venus occupying the exact same spot in Gemini’s constellation. It’s a beautiful time to express all those complex feelings, especially the ones that seem to get stuck in your throat every time you try to put them into words.


Saturn also hooks into this new moon, adding a layer of seriousness. Consider this a call to prioritise people and situations that bolster your sense of emotional security. The ringed planet reminds you that authentic communication is non-negotiable, so say what you mean, from the heart. This might mean parting ways with some, but those who remain are the connections worth cultivating.


So, as you navigate this new Moon in Gemini, remember to honour both your mind and your heart. It’s all about finding that sweet spot where your thoughts and feelings meet and dance together in cosmic harmony.

By Natasha Weber aka AstroTash


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