New Moon in Cancer: Embrace the Emotional Rebirth



SYDNEY: 8:58 am, July 6

LONDON: 11:58 pm, July 5

NEW YORK: 6:58 pm, July 5

LOS ANGELES: 3:58 pm, July 5

PERTH: 6:58 am, July 6


A Fresh Start Under the New Moon


July’s new moon is on the horizon, and this time, it’s in Cancer—the emotional Crab. New moons always instigate new beginnings, but this one stands out due to its alignment with Venus. For you, this lunation may signal a fresh chapter in relationships, finances, self-love, or even popularity.


The Brightest Star in the Sky: Sirius


At 14 degrees Cancer, this new moon is situated right next to Sirius, the brightest star in the sky. Astrologically, Sirius is associated with luck, ambition, wealth, fame and leadership.


The Emotional Depths of Cancer


In Cancer, a sign known for its wealth of feeling, expect an emotionally charged new moon that may include a few tears. The Crab often puts up walls when it feels vulnerable, retreating into its shell. But instead of shutting down, press forward and seize the chance to start anew. By embracing your full emotional spectrum, you’ll find the strength and resilience to navigate this new beginning. Above all, lean into your intuition and let your emotions illuminate your path.


Venus Places a Focus on Love and Money


With Venus in the mix, this new moon offers a unique opportunity for progress in areas related to relationships and finances. Whether it’s strengthening romantic connection, finding new ways to improve your financial situation, or elevating your self-esteem, Venus’ influence supports transformation and growth in these areas during this new moon.


Destinys Hand in Your New Beginning


Destiny plays a part in this new moon, too. If a fresh start comes knocking, acknowledge your feelings (even if they’re overwhelming) but don’t let them hold you back. Swing the door of new opportunities wide open and step out of the familiar. It’s time to move into an upgraded part of your life, guided by the emotional wisdom of Cancer.


A Heart-Led Journey


Let this lunation be a heart-led journey toward growth and renewal. Welcome the changes with open arms and trust in the process. This new moon in Cancer invites you to step boldly into a brighter future, where your emotions are your allies and new beginnings are brimming with potential.


By Natasha Webere aka AstroTash



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