May’s New Moon in Taurus: Beautiful New Beginnings, Savouring Life’s Sweetness and Hidden Pleasures

May’s new Moon in Taurus marks a lunation teeming with beautiful new beginnings.


With La Luna in the earthy Bull, it’s an opportunity to slow down, relish life’s simple pleasures, and savour quality over quantity. When was the last time you truly did that – hit pause, took a deep breath, and fully immersed yourself in the present?


If you’ve been pulled in every direction lately or feel like you’ve lost your role as the director of your own story, and it’s playing out like a chaotic movie, this new moon offers a gentle but firm “STOP” sign. But unlike a retrograde that makes you backtrack, this lunation is more of a timeout, giving you space to catch up, regroup, and rediscover the joy in small blessings.


Gratitude? That mindset is the key to attracting everything good and pure.


Yet, with Venus, La Luna’s planetary ruler, lingering behind the sun, some pleasures might be hidden in the shadows. Those are just for you to treasure quietly, and keep close to your heart. They’re sacred and delicious, but oh-so-satisfying.


So, what secret indulgences are whispering your name?


Let’s not forget the promise of breakthroughs Jupiter and Uranus made last month. This new moon triggers a realisation seeded during their conjunction, potentially granting newfound freedom, facilitating progress in a special project or relationship, or inspiring a leap of faith.


Above all, this lunation welcomes fresh starts or the initiation of something entirely new. Got a project that’s waiting to unfurl it’s wings and soar? Launch it on this new moon; it’s perfect timing!


But remember, while you’re chasing that exciting new beginning, don’t get too swept up in the rush. Take a moment to truly admire, and revel in the beauty of those exquisite roses along the way.


By Natasha Weber aka AstroTash


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