SYDNEY: March 25, 6:01 pm

LONDON: March 25, 7:01 am

NEW YORK: March 25, 3:01 am

LOS ANGELES: March 25, 12:01 am

PERTH: March 25, 3:01 pm


Eclipse season has arrived, and with it comes the potential for unexpected turns, shocks and growth. While this celestial phenomenon might jolt you out of your comfort zone, or even push you to your limits, eclipses are steeped in destiny, propelling you toward what’s ultimately written in your stars.


In Australia, you won’t catch a glimpse of the full moon lunar eclipse in Libra due to its timing, but its impact? Oh, it’s felt. Full moons are often like the season finale in a TV series, where everything reaches a dramatic peak. Yet, this eclipse acts as a twist in the plot, urging you to clear out the old before welcoming the new season’s storyline. It’s about making room for fresh chapters and experiences that are waiting over the horizon.

Jupiter’s presence in this lunation hints at grander schemes unfolding. It’s as if the universe is asking, “Are you really ready for what’s next?” The challenge here is to let go of the past, to shed what no longer serves your journey forward. This might mean confronting and cutting ties with deep-seated habits or thoughts that hold you back.

The Moon’s South Node also plays a role, suggesting a crossroads of sorts, dealing with conflicts or decisions that could significantly shape your path. And let’s talk about the solar and lunar interplay: With the moon in harmony-loving Libra and the sun in assertive Aries, you might find yourself in a tug-of-war, struggling to balance serving others and asserting your own will.

This dynamic could spill over into global dynamics, leading to shifts in political powers and governance. On a personal level, it’s about finding your equilibrium amid these forces. Eclipses are known for their disruptive nature, yet they’re also moments of profound growth and transformation.

With Jupiter, often considered a protective force, there’s a sense of promise that stepping into the unknown won’t be a solitary journey. If you’re geared up for change, this period could be your launchpad to something major. Yet eclipses are like destiny taking the pen and writing your narrative. So, you may have no choice but to sit back and let fate do its work. While the unpredictable may be part of the eclipse package, it’s also a time ripe with potential, urging you to evolve and embrace the future’s possibilities.


By Natasha Weber aka AstroTash


















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