On May 26, Jupiter, the guardian angel of the cosmos, ushers in a new cycle as it begins its annual tour through Gemini. This shift promises a sprinkle of luck and a generous dollop of good fortune. Known for cranking up the positivity dial, Jupiter’s entry into Gemini heightens hope and optimism.

A Special Treat for Geminis and Their Cosmic Neighbours

If you’re a Gemini or have strong Gemini placements in your birth chart, buckle up! You’re in the direct spotlight of Jupiter’s benevolent gaze. But the benefits extend beyond the sign of the Twins. Sagittarians, Pisceans, and Virgos; you’re also on the guest list for this planetary party. The next 12 months are ripe with potential for you as you stretch your wings and broaden your horizons.

There’s Something in It for Everyone

For everyone else, Jupiter has something special for you. Each of us has a slice of Gemini somewhere in our birth chart, which means the mega planet will be jazzing up a specific area of your life too. Expect Jupiter to boost your Gemini astrological house or Gemini planets, turning them from mundane into magnificent.

Ready for a Golden Touch?

As Jupiter makes its grand entrance into a new zone of your chart, it brings with it major opportunities and developments. Everything Jupiter touches turns to gold, so whether it’s career advancements, enriching personal growth, or expanding your social and networking circles, the theme is clear: abundance is on the horizon.

Buddy Up with Lady Luck

Jupiter is tight with Lady Luck, so some of these golden tickets might come your way with little effort. But remember, fortune favours the bold. By investing even a modest effort to nurture and grow these blessed areas of your life, you can maximise what Jupiter has to offer. In the zone where Jupiter is journeying, aim higher than you’ve dared before and shoot your shot!

A Little Word of Caution

However, it’s wise to remember that even the best things can be overdone. Jupiter’s shadow side might tempt you to overindulge or exaggerate. While it’s great to go for glory, be mindful not to go overboard. Balance is key—maximise the golden opportunities but stay grounded.

As Jupiter traverses through Gemini, its expansive influence encourages you to welcome every opportunity for growth and expansion. Also known as the planet of faith, Jupiter’s position in your chart can be a source of hope. So, if you’ve been struggling or facing tough times, allow Jupiter’s supportive push to propel you forward with optimism and inspire you to believe in a bit of magic.


By Natasha Weber aka AstroTash


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