​SYDNEY: 12:35 am, November 13

​NEW YORK: 8:35 am, November 12

​LONDON: 1:35 pm, November 12

​A reality check is called for with this full Moon in earthy Taurus. The sign of the Bull is grounded and steady; it prides itself on being dependable and accountable.


When La Luna merges with Taurus, you might find yourself seeking out experiences and people that can offer you security, whether that be emotional stability or financial certainty. One way or another, you’ll be craving what’s real and authentic, rather than false promises or glitzy illusions.


This may seem glaringly obvious. Wouldn’t everyone choose the real-deal (even if it is a tad more boring) over fluffy pipe dreams? Yet there’s a twist. Retrograde Mercury’s meet-up with this full Moon puts a spanner in the works, throwing your firmly held goals, values and what you once believed to be true, into a state of confusion.


Nevertheless, trickster Mercury can try all it likes to mess with your priorities. Still, the message of this full Moon is clear – stick to what’s real, honest and morally right. Find richness in the company of your loved ones. Fight the good fight. And when superficial people or situations try to seduce your ego, simply walk away.


By Natasha Weber @astrotash