SYDNEY: 11:53 pm, May 23

LONDON: 2:53 pm, May 23

NEW YORK: 9:53 pm, May 22

LOS ANGELES: 6:53 pm, May 22

PERTH: 9:53 pm, May 23



May’s Sagittarian full moon presents a unique opportunity for you to embark on a journey of expansion and exploration. Guided by Jupiter, a planet that amplifies all it touches, this lunation empowers you to unfurl your wings and pursue growth. As Jupiter concludes its cycle in Taurus, not to return for another dozen years, the message is clear: seize this moment to make daring moves—not just for the sake of bigger and better, but to truly align with your higher goals and purpose.


Jupiter’s involvement here is your cosmic cue to evaluate your direction. This full moon isn’t about just piling more tasks onto your plate; it’s about strategic growth. Consider the entrepreneur who pivots their business towards sustainability, not to follow a trend, but because it resonates with their vision for a better world. That’s the kind of expansion this full moon encourages.


Working towards personal growth during the Sagittarian full moon is an invitation to engage in activities that resonate with your core values and challenge you to evolve. Confronting a deep-rooted personal issue, such as a recurring pattern from your childhood, could lead to profound insights and a transformative breakthrough. Similarly, taking on a new role at work that stretches your capabilities and exposes you to high-pressure situations can be a catalyst for personal development. Consider this a moonlit masterclass towards resilience and self-discovery, filled with hope and inspiration.


Romance is also in the limelight during this lunation, influenced by Venus and passionate Pluto. If your relationship feels like it’s been on autopilot, now’s the time to bring back the magic.


So, on this Sagittarian full moon, channel your inner archer: aim your arrows high, stay true to your course, and move forward with integrity. Whether it’s in your career, personal growth, or relationships, let La Luna inspire you to expand your horizons and dare to love big.


By Natasha Weber aka AstroTash


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