FULL MOON IN LEO: Embracing Your Shadow Self

SYDNEY: 4:53 am, January 26

LONDON: 5:53 pm, January 25

NEW YORK: 12:53 pm, January 25

LOS ANGELES: 9:53 am, January 25

PERTH: 1:53 am, January 26



January’s full moon in Leo arrives with a roar, echoing the recent monumental shift of Pluto into Aquarius. This lunation is a call to embrace the depths of your being, including those parts you’d rather keep hidden.


As La Luna peaks in its cycle, its illuminates not just the world around you, but the inner landscapes you navigate with caution. The full moon’s opposition to the Sun, now aligning with Pluto, signals a period of profound shadow work and introspection. It’s about confronting those aspects of yourself you fear makes you unlovable. You know, the quirks and flaws you hide at dinner parties or swipe left to avoid. But here’s the twist: acknowledging these parts is the key to growth and self-acceptance during this full moon.


For some, this lunation marks an ending, a farewell to what once was. It could be as tangible as a career change or as intangible as letting go of a long-held belief. Endings naturally bring grief, a complex and often dark dance of emotions. Yet, within this process lies the seeds of new beginnings. This full moon in Leo is not just about closure; it’s a gateway to transformation.


Once the grieving ebbs, it’s time to look forward. What does your future hold? This is the moment to craft a vision of the life you desire. But before you charge ahead, pause and honour what’s being left behind. Acknowledge the lessons learned, the love shared, and the growth experienced.


Then, engage in a ritual that resonates with you for manifesting your dreams. It could be as simple as penning your thoughts in a journal or as elaborate as creating a vision board. Perhaps it’s a quiet moment of prayer or meditation, where your hopes and aspirations can take flight.


This full moon in Leo, with its backdrop of Pluto’s Aquarian shift, invites you into a journey of deep self-discovery and renewal. It’s a reminder that in the heart of endings lie the beginnings of something beautiful. Welcome this cosmic cycle, and let the moon’s light guide you to your next chapter.


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