Astrologers have long foreseen upheaval for the monarchy. With March’s eclipse looming on March 25, it seemed crucial to explore deeper, as eclipses are known to signal radical change, disruption, and cover-ups. Let’s not forget King Charles was coronated on an eclipse, and at the time, I suggested this would mark his reign with challenges.

Kate’s Capricorn Sun sign, aligned with her South Node, indicates she’s revisiting themes from past lifetimes and is poised to master them in this one. Capricorn represents leadership and authority, highlighting traits of resilience, a deep respect for tradition, and a responsible nature. Indeed, Kate’s stoicism and self-discipline are valuable assets, though she can be incredibly hard on herself.

The Ascendant or Rising sign reveals how others perceive us. Kate’s Leo Ascendant exudes confidence, magnetism, and a touch of drama (let’s also take a moment to admire that gorgeous mane of hers). Leo’s association with royalty shows how literal astrology can be!

Kate’s Cancer Moon speaks volumes about her deep, empathetic emotional landscape. Still, that moon sign can stir moodiness. This lunar placement indicates her nurturing, protective nature, especially towards her family. Kate clearly has a strong emotional connection with her children and is profoundly influenced by her maternal instincts.

(For advanced astrology enthusiasts, Kate’s transit chart, calculated for Monday, March 18 2024, is available on my socials, as is her secondary progressed chart, calculated for the same date.)

Looking at her secondary progressed chart, Kate’s sun sign transitioned into Pisces in 2022, indicating a period of vulnerability and lowered vitality. This likely led to feelings of victimisation or exploitation, negatively affecting her health due to the sun’s placement in the sixth house, which governs wellbeing in astrology.

In astrology, Mars and Saturn represent endings, and these two planets are retrograde in the secondary progressed chart. Their forward movement and eventual alignment with Kate’s progressed Sun signal an impending conclusion, possibly manifesting in a literal or symbolic way.

Pluto’s presence, alongside Mars and Saturn, points to themes of reputation, status, and power. The Moon’s South Node, currently sitting between Mars and Saturn in the transit chart, intertwines family and fate in this narrative.

I extend my heartfelt wishes for Kate’s rapid recovery and the wellbeing of the royal family.


By Natasha Weber aka AstroTash


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