SYDNEY: 8:01 pm, March 10

LONDON: 9:01 am, March 10

NEW YORK: 4:01 am, March 10

LOS ANGELES: 1:01 am, March 10

PERTH: 5:01 pm, March 10

A rich canvas of possibilities unfolds under the Pisces new supermoon, where the dreamers, the mystics, and the creatives find their muse. That said, Saturn is also in the mix, offering a more grounded spin. Dreams? Sure, they’re beautiful, but this lunation is all about making them tangible. No floating on clouds made of wishes this time around.

If you’ve had a dream so vivid it seemed real, you know the feeling of waking up to the cold hard facts of your daily grind. Or, imagine the perfect road trip – there’s wind in your hair, endless landscape, and that delicious sense of freedom. But before all that comes the planning stage: budgeting, choosing the right companion, and deciding which scenic routes are actually doable. That’s the type of wistful yet pragmatic energy this new moon brings.

Health and wellness are also very much under the lunar spotlight now, and you might feel the weight of your physical limits more than usual. Ever pushed yourself too hard, thinking you could handle it all, only to crash and burn? This new moon is gently reminding you to honour your body’s signals. By all means; run a marathon or master a yogi headstand, but don’t forget to listen to your body and respect your boundaries.

Neptune’s link with the Moon highlights the importance of keeping up with neglected health appointments, too. This planetary link underscores that attending to our health forms the bedrock for tapping into this lunation’s creative potential. And remember Saturn’s message: even creative genius needs a solid launch pad.

The magic of this new moon isn’t just in the dreaming – it’s in the doing. So, plan carefully and look after your health. Because the more vitality you harness this new moon, the more inspiration will flow.


By Natasha Weber aka AstroTash


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