SYDNEY: 8:16 pm, November 27

LONDON: 9:16 am, November 27

NEW YORK: 4:16 am, November 27

LOS ANGELES 1:16 am, November 27

PERTH:  5:16 pm, November 27


November’s full moon in Gemini is all about connection and conversation. It’s like La Luna opens a cosmic chat room that gets you thinking about who you’re texting, calling, and hanging out with. It’s also Sagittarius season, which brings a sense of optimism, encouraging you to connect with people who see the glass as half full and are quick to add their own positive spin.

Many are feeling the weight of life’s challenges right now. We’re all fighting our battles, and it doesn’t help that the world feels on edge, too. Plus, with Mars, the planet of conflict, chiming in, discussions that start with the best intentions can quickly get heated. And let’s face it, who needs a war of words with someone who triggers you when you’re just trying to get through the day?


No thanks to Mars, there’s a sense of urgency and anger infecting November’s full Moon. But if you consciously embrace the calm, you can avoid the storm.


Being around negative Nancys or Debbie downers during this lunation will fuel the fire. You might find yourself in arguments that feel more like verbal boxing matches. To avoid conflict, actively seek out people who bring a sense of calm and clarity, the kind who can defuse tension with a well-timed joke or engage in an empathic conversation – that’s exactly what you need right now.


This is the time to be picky about your crowd. Think of it as creating your own personal VIP list. You want people who are not only good for a laugh but also have your back when things get real. These friends remind you that, yes, you can handle whatever life throws at you, and they’re there to help you see it through.


So, during this Gemini full moon, maybe skip the drama and choose your company like you’d choose a good playlist – uplifting, inspiring, and sure to leave you feeling better than before. Stay above the fray by lifting your gaze skywards, choosing company whose opinions and discussions elevate, not deflate, your spirits.


By Natasha Weber aka AstroTash





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