VENUS in PISCES 11 February – 7 March 2018

VENUS enters PISCES on 11th February.

This planet and sign combination can be highly sensitive and delicate. Depending on how it triggers your birth chart, you may be feeling more vulnerable than usual, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. Disappointment, past hurts and emotional drowning can show up at this time. Heightened romance and falling in love with love are also possible outcomes.

What do you have in your birth chart in the sign of Pisces? This planet will come together with Venus at some stage over the coming few weeks.

Below is a list of how your natal planet in Pisces might be affected by Venus’ kiss. Of course, the exact way each combination plays out, depends on other factors in your birth chart and there is always a light and shadow expression to each interaction.


MERCURY: Many thoughts and discussions about love. Important communication between you and your partner. Receiving news from a lover.

VENUS: Reassessing your relationships. New love coming into your life. Deciding what fills your love cup and what depletes it.

MARS: Sexual magnetism. Intense desire and chemistry.

JUPITER: Happiness in love. Extravagant gestures of romance. Overwhelming feelings.

SATURN: Make or break. Separation or deeper commitment.

URANUS: Love at first sight. Fanatical love. Unexpected happenings.

NEPTUNE: Disappointment and feeling let down. The dream of ideal love. Heightened romance.

PLUTO: Becoming obsessed with your love or them with you. Avoid cyber-stalking! Intense connection. Soul mates.

NORTH/SOUTH NODES: Karmic lessons in love.

ASCENDANT/MIDHEAVEN/SUN/MOON: Highly individualised experience concerning love and relationships. New beginnings and endings.

By Natasha Weber @astrotash


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